Whirlpool 7.5 kg Fully Automatic Bloomwash Pro H Washing Machine Review

The Whirlpool 7.5 kg Bloomwash is a fully automated washing machine from the Whirlpool brand. This machine comes with many smart features such as smart sensors that detect detergent requirements automatically and various wash programs that make the washing experience easy and hassle-free.

It also comes with other unique features such as soaking time and Hot Catalytic soaks that enhance the washing experience for users. It comes from one of the most trusted brands in India, guaranteeing users of efficiency and durability after purchasing this washing machine.


Number One Cleaning Performance

The washing machine eliminates up to 40 percent of tough stains on clothes, guaranteeing the best washing performance as compared to washing machines in similar price ranges.

Easy Closing Lid

This washing machine comes with an easy closing lid that offers users premium washing experiences. Additionally, the hydraulic mechanism protects this glass lid against any damage.

Hard Water Washing Mode

The washing machine comes with the hard water washing mode that makes it possible for it works effectively even while using hard water. It’s a smart mechanism that adapts the machines’ programming for washing clothes in hard water, yielding improved washing performances.

360° Blooming Washing Motion

This washing machine comes with a 360° blooming washing motion that ensures better cleaning since it comes with 3D Turbo Impellers. The washing machine features Hexa Bloom Impellers, which allows clothes to rub against themselves, minimizing fabric abrasion, as well as ensuring setter washing results.


The washing machine comes with a capacity of 7.5 kg, making it ideal for mid-sized families; users can even choose to do their washing twice or thrice a week, saving them on energy costs.

Catalytic Soak Feature

This washing machine comes with the catalytic soak feature that allows users to soak their clothes in water with high detergent concentrations, loosening dirt before the cleaning process begins. The mechanism makes use of 1/3rd of the water quantity, creating highly concentrated detergent solutions.

Warranty and Support

This washing machine comes with three years warranty on the product and ten years Whirlpool warranty on the motor; users can access after-sales-services from the Whirlpool brand if the motor becomes faulty within ten years or if the machine stops working within three years after purchase.

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What Do We like

Power Dry Mode

This feature in this washing machine allows for superior drying results; it comes with four drying levels, for four different varieties of fabrics. This washing machine can be used to clean and comfortably dry different fabrics, providing many washing options.

Edge to Edge Design

This washing machine comes with an extensive edge-edge design, with a single piece of glass lid, which offers a more convenient and better drum access.

Built-In Heater

The washing machine comes with a built-in heater that eliminates 99.9 % of germs, as well as ensuring an allergen-free washing of clothes; this heater detects the load automatically, heating water to 60°C, which ensures an allergen and germ-free wash.

What We Don’t Like

Noise Level


This washing machine produces some audible noise while washing is in progress; this isn’t ideal if users wish for some quiet time or if they are watching television in a room that is close by.


This washing machine is made from tough steel that is durable and corrosion-free; users don’t have to worry about the machine becoming rusted once it comes into contact with water. Additionally, getting a whooping ten years warranty for the motor isn’t such a bad idea. Is it?

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