Simple tips to increase the longevity of your carpets

Carpeting your house is no mean investment. Rather than spending a fortune every few years, you can increase the longevity of your existing carpets and reap their benefits for many more years. 

Let’s discuss the simple tips that not only effectively clean your carpets but also keep them long-lasting.

15 Tips to Make your Carpets Last Long

Routinely vacuuming your carpets

Following a disciplined and multiple vacuuming routine goes a long way in removing the dust, dirt, allergens, and other contaminants from your carpets. 

It provides effective protection against diseases and maintains hygienic and healthy surfaces. Regular vacuuming avoids the dust build-up on the fibers of the carpets.

If you have pets or other sources of dust mites and allergens in your house, you must vacuum the carpets at least twice or thrice for their comprehensive cleaning and eliminating chances of dust build-up.

Prevent stains and spills on your carpets

Apart from the dust, the stains and spills from food and beverages are the biggest sources of filthiness and dirtiness on your carpets. 

They say prevention is better than cure. Ensure to keep and eat your food and drinks either in dining areas or kitchen where there are no carpeted floors. 

You must be careful to not let the stains build up in the first place, however, if you accidentally spill anything, use the following remedies to clean the stains instantly.

Don’t rub the stains, rather blot them

Murphy’s Law states that things go wrong when we least expect them to. Even after taking great care, whenever you spill out anything on your carpets, remember to avoid scrubbing the stains.

Scrubbing the stains would make them stuck and settled on the fibers of the carpets. It also makes them spread on the carpet surface and hamper its beauty by adding undesirable spots. 

The best way out is to gently blot the stains using tissues, sponges or blotting papers. It would soak the spilled items and prevent the formation of permanent stains.

Treating stains with Club Soda & Vinegar 

Use club soda or vinegar-water solution and spray it over the stains for blotting them. Wait for 10-15 minutes and then gently soak the stains using a dry clean cloth, soft tissues, or sponge. 

Applying dishwasher detergent for treating greasy stains

Prepare a dishwashing detergent solution and fill it in a spray bottle. Treat the stains with the sprays from this cleaning solution. Leave it for a few seconds and try soaking the stain using blotting paper. 

Repeat the process until you get the desired result.

Remove chewing gum using ice cubes

Seeing a chewing gum stuck on your carpets can give you heartache. It may leave you with a messy, sticky carpet, and of course heavy heart. 

You should apply ice cubes to freeze the chewing gum. Once frozen, it gets hard and easily removable by using forks or spoons from the surface of the carpet.

Remove wax stains by heating them

The molten wax spills from the burning candles form wax stains that are tough to remove.

Take a piece of cotton cloth and place it over the wax stain. Now heat the iron and place it on the top of the cloth.

The solid wax stain gets melted away and you can easily collect it off the carpet surface using a spoon or a butter knife.

Remove stubborn stains using shaving cream 

It may spring up a surprise but your shaving cream may remove stubborn stains from the carpets. All you need to do is to apply some amount of shaving cream over the stains and keep it for half an hour to one hour. 

Your shaving cream gets dried up in that time and now you can blot the stains to remove them from the surface of the carpet. 

Act quickly to remove the stains instantly

What would you do if you spot the stains from food or beverages on your beloved carpets? Without a moment’s wait, you should get into action to clean it up.

Soak up the excess liquid or take out the easily removable solid residue particles immediately before spraying the cleaning solutions like vinegar, club soda, or dishwashing detergent solutions.

The more time you take to clean up the stains, the more stubborn they become to clean. The best way of avoiding stains is to be quick with spills.

Rearrange furniture to maintain foot traffic

The different areas of the carpet are exposed to different intensity of foot traffic. The high foot traffic areas of carpets include doorways, beds, tables, and couches

Rearrange the furniture layout in your room periodically so as to manage the foot traffic optimally for applying even wear pressure on the carpets.

Moreover, you can also place rugs or mats in these high traffic areas for protecting the underlying carpet and extending its life.

Protect your carpet from direct exposure to sunlight

The direct exposure of your carpets to sun rays would fade their colors after some time and make them look dull. 

Direct sunlight any come through doors, windows, and skylights. 

While you can’t completely avoid the exposure of carpets to harmful ultraviolet radiation from sunlight, you can limit it by using blinds, awnings, window films, and curtains.

Remove your shoes before walking on carpets

Ensure to remove your shoes before you start walking on the carpets. Keep a shoe rack outside your door for keeping your shoes or sandals.

The shoes are one of the biggest sources of dirt, dust, and disease-causing microbes like bacteria. When you walk on the road, the soles of your shoes pick up all the filth spread on the way. 

Moreover, your shoes also damage the carpet fibers. You can save your carpets by avoiding walking over them with your shoes on. 

Inculcate the habit of dining and drinking in the kitchen

You should inculcate the habit of dining and drinking in the non-carpeted areas of your home like the kitchen.

It may seem convenient to eat your favorite dishes while slouching on your couch or watching television, however, it may expose your carpets to sudden spills leading to permanent or stubborn stains.

Thus, by simply avoiding eating or drinking on carpeted areas of your house, you can increase the longevity of your carpets.

Avoid dirt and dust infiltrating into your house

You can use several measures that prevent the entry of dust and dirt into your house.

Use a doormat at every entrance for removing excess dust and dirt from your shoes. Rub your shoes against the doormat and gently bang them against the mat for cleaning them before coming into the house. 

Also, thoroughly clean the mats regularly by lifting them and removing the accumulated dust and debris.

Hire services of a professional carpet cleaner

For taking the utmost care of your carpets, you may also hire services of a professional carpet cleaner. 

The professional carpet cleaning services employ professionals and commercial grade equipment for providing deep and thorough cleaning, far better than achieved using regular vacuum cleaners.

The professional carpet cleaning leaves your carpets free from deeply settled dirt, dust, and stubborn stains that got stuck with your carpet’s fibers.

You can ensure to extend the life of your carpets by many years by hiring reliable and professional carpet cleaning services.


The carpets not only cushioned the hard and solid surfaced floors, they captured the dust, dirt, and allergens resulting in clean and hygiene home surroundings.

Thus, in addition to the above-mentioned tips, you need to clean your carpets regularly using the best vacuum cleaners to extend their longevity. 

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