8 Best Shoe Racks

We all need a proper place to store and organize all our pairs of shoes. Now, you obviously cannot keep them lying around at home. Shoes, when left unorganized can make your house look cluttered, clumsy, and untidy. The solution to this messy condition is a shoe rack.

A shoe rack is a type of rack, designed to store and organize all your pair, including sports shoeshiking boots, heels, flats, sneakers and more. There are different types of shoe racks online, based on their design, style, and features. Hence, choosing a suitable shoe rack may be a bit of a cumbersome task.

However, this article will help you make the right purchase. We have explained the importance of a shoe storage rack and have also provided a comprehensive buyer’s guide.

This is followed by a detailed review of the top 8 shoe racks. There is also an FAQ section provided towards the end of this article to aid you in knowing more about the product.

8 Best Shoe Racks

ProductAverage User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Our Choice
Best Collapsible Shoe Rack
Best Shoe Cabinet
Best Wall-Mounted Shoe Rack
The Eco-Friendly Shoe Rack
Large Storage Capacity
Slim and Compact Design
Light-weight and Portable Design

Importance of a Shoe Rack

Closets and cupboards are needed for storing your clothes. Similarly, shoe racks are essential for storing and organizing your shoes. You obviously wouldn’t want guests to be welcomed into a home that is messy, untidy, and stinky. A shoe rack helps in keeping your home clutter and odor-free.

Let us look into the detailed importance or rather the need for a shoe rack:

Ensures a Mess-Free Surrounding:

The shoe rack will help you store all your shoes in an organized and systematic way. Thus, it won’t be scattered around your entryway, living room, or bedroom.

It will build up the habit of always keeping your shoes in the shoe rack. Hence, your home will be clutter and mess-free.

Enhances The Life of Your Shoes:

Your shoe collection may gather dust, turns damp, or get kicked around when not stored properly. Hence, it degrades the life of the shoes, and the moisture will cause bad odor.

The systematic storage of shoes in the shoe rack will protect them from dust and humidity. As a result, your shoes will be odor-free and have a longer life.

Enhances Home Decor:

A shoe rack with elegant and stylish design can be a stunning piece of furnishing for your home. Shoe cabinets or shoe storage benches store your shoes. However, they are also capable of enhancing the aesthetics of your home decor, when placed in your living room or entryway.

Types of Shoe Racks

Shoe Storage Rack

A shoe storage bench is usually placed in the entryway of the house. There are two kinds of a shoe storage bench, which differ from each other based on their style.

The first type is designed to resemble a usual storage bench that comes with a lid on top. The lid can be lifted allowing you to drop your shoes or any other item inside the bench.

The second type is designed specifically for storing shoes. It comes with cube-like shelve, each capable of storing only a single pair of shoes. The benefit of a shoe storage bench is that it provides you a seating place, especially while putting on or taking off shoes.

Shoe Storage Rack

A shoe storage rack is a type of rack that comes with tiers or shelves for storing shoes. The rack is designed to be free-standing so that it sits close to the floor. It works well for storing fewer pairs of shoes. However, this depends on the number and width of the shelves.

A shoe storage rack may be built using wood or collapsible steel pipes and plastic connectors. Nonetheless, they have sturdy construction. Also, they can be easily placed in the bedroom, entryway, hallway, or any other corner of the house, depending on the size.

Shoe Cabinet

DeckUp Noordin 2-Door Shoe Rack

A shoe cabinet is a cabinet that comes with doors and shelves on the interior. They are designed to accommodate a higher number of shoes. Moreover, they are usually constructed using engineered wood with elegant finishing. Hence, they manage to enhance the overall home decor and can also be used for storing other items.

Over-Door Shoe Rack

Multipurpose Portable Folding Shoes Rack

Over-head shoe racks are considered as great options for those who have a lack of space at home. These racks are designed to be hanged over a bedroom or a closet door.

They come with slots for putting shoes in while some of them are designed to include knobs, for hanging shoes. Over-door shoe racks are affordable and work well in small apartments.

Wall-mounted Shoe Rack

This is another type of shoe rack suitable for small apartments or dorm-rooms and bedrooms. In case of space constraint, wall-mounted shoe racks prove to be useful options.

As the name suggests, these shoe racks are designed to be mounted on the wall. Hence, they take up a negligible amount of space.

Buyer’s Guide


There are different types of shoe racks available, which we have discussed in the previous section. You can choose a type based on your preference.

A shoe storage bench is a great option if you need a sitting place while putting or taking off shoes. On the other hand, in case you need to store a large number of shoes while enhancing your home decor, a shoe cabinet would be an ideal choice.

The shoe storage rack is a more portable option while the over-door and wall-mounted shoe rack work well for smaller apartments and bedrooms.


We already know that the shoe rack can serve to be a great display unit at your home. Hence, choose a shoe rack that comes with a stylish, elegant, and attractive design.

A shoe cabinet with a premium quality finishing will be able to enhance the aesthetics of your home decor when placed in your living room. You can also opt for a shoe storage rack or a wall-mounted rack with an alluring design, to display your splendid shoe collection.


The material used for the construction of the shoe rack is of prime importance. A shoe cabinet or bench should be made using high quality engineered wood. While a shoe rack made with good quality metal pipes and PP plastic connectors or stands will have a sturdy construction when assembled together.

Ensure that the metal used for the construction of the rack comes with an anti-rust coating. This will enhance the durability of the product. Many shoe racks also come with non-woven fabric zippered covers for protecting the shoes from dust and moisture. The covers also keep the shoes hidden from the view of people.

Storage Space

You must purchase a shoe rack with a storage capacity that is capable of storing all your pairs of shoes. You can opt for a shoe storage rack if you have a fewer number of shoes to store.

It can store up to 15 pairs of shoes depending on the length, depth, and number of the shelves. A shoe cabinet and a bench are capable of storing a larger number of shoes.


The size and dimensions of the shoe rack should be considered. A compact size will be much more convenient to fit in any corner of your home. If you have an issue of space constraint, you can choose to go for a wall-mounted or over-door shoe storage rack.

Know the measurements of the length, width, and height of the rack and each of its shelves. The shelves should be wide enough with sufficient amount of spacing so that you can store all kinds of shoes including boots, flats, sneaker or heels. A collapsible shoe rack allows you to adjust the size of the shelf according to your requirement.

Cross Ventilation

Irrespective of the type of shoe rack you choose to buy. The rack or cabinet must come with gaps and grooves to allow cross ventilation.

This ensures proper circulation of air for the prevention of humidity and odor. It enhances the life of your shoes while keeping it protected from dust and dirt.

Easy to Assemble

The shoe rack you buy, especially collapsible shoe racks should come with an instruction manual along with all the parts required for assembly.

These include the pipes, plastic connectors, stands, and other required tools. The rack should be quick and easy to assemble, saving you from hassles, time wastage, and complications.

Multi-Purpose Functionality

A multi-purpose rack will be beneficial for storing other essential items as well. A rack which is capable of storing gloves, brushes, shoe polish is considered as a preferable option. Moreover, the cover which comes with the rack should have side knobs and pockets for storing keys and other accessories.


The type of shoe rack you choose to buy must be suitable for placement in the entryway, hallway, living room, alleyway, etc. You can also place the rack in your bedroom or garage.

In case of space constraint, opt for a shoe rack that can be installed on the wall. An over-door shoe rack also works well as it is placed over the closet or bedroom door.


The shoe rack should have a sturdy construction that is built to last. Hence, also check for its warranty so that it is a reliable option to go for. The shoe rack should be made using durable and excellent quality materials. Moreover, it should come with a warranty period of a few months to a year or more.

1. DecorNation Vegas Shoe Rack – Our Choice

DecorNation Vegas Shoe Rack
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DecorNation is said to be one of the largest sellers of home decor furniture and accessories. It offers a wide range of high quality and stylish home decor products that are made in India.

Similarly, the DecorNation Vegas shoe rack is a sturdy and robust free-standing shoe rack that is made using high quality engineered wood. It comes with five tiers, each having the capability of holding up to 50 kg of weight.

The multi-purpose rack keeps your home decluttered and well-organized. You can store anything like ten pairs of shoes, books or even toys. Moreover, the rack comes with an elegant, compact design and a classy walnut finishing. Hence, it can blend in perfectly with any interior design while taking up very little space.

Main Features
  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 60 x 30 x 75 cm.
  • Weight: 16.5 kg.
  • It is a free-standing shoe rack.
  • The material of construction: high-quality interior grade engineered wood.
  • Features symmetrical design with five tiers.
  • Each tier can store up to 50 kg of weight.
  • Has a walnut color finishing.
  • Requires basic assembly.
  • Fits perfectly well in your bedroom, hallway, entryway, living room, foyer, etc.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is a multi-purpose organizer that can be used to store shoes, books, toys, and many more items.
  • Strong and sturdy since 3-inch screws are used to assemble it.
  • Has a slim and compact design making it suitable for houses, hostels, offices, dorm-rooms, etc.
  • The classy walnut finish and elegant design enable it to blend in with any interior design.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Quality of the shoe rack could be better.
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2. Pureus Foldable Shoe Rack – Best Collapsible Shoe Rack

Pureus Foldable Shoe Rack with 4 Shelves
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The collapsible shoe stand comes with four steel pipe shelves that can accommodate up to 12 pairs of shoes. These shelves can be adjusted accordingly for storing different items-including, towels, laundry, utensils, bags, plants, etc.

It has a durable and robust construction comprising of high-quality polymer plastic frames. Moreover, it has a compact design for saving space while keeping all your essentials organized.

Main Features
  • Type: Collapsible shoe stand.
  • Dimensions (Width x Height): 67 x 64 cm.
  • Weight of the shoe rack: 1.43 kg.
  • Constructed using a polymer plastic frame while the shelves are made of high-quality steel pipes.
  • Comes with four shelves that can store up to 12 pairs of shoes.
  • Requires basic assembly which can be done by you, using simple tools.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The width of the shelves can be adjusted, and they can be divided into two parts.
  • It can be used as a multi-purpose rack for storing utensils, laundry, pet supplies, towels, plants, bags, toiletries, etc.
  • The high-quality pipes are rust free and durable.
  • Has a sturdy and strong construction.
  • Elegant, modern, and compact design.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The pipes do not fit into the holes easily.
  • Length of the rack is small.
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3. DeckUp Shoe Rack – Best Shoe Cabinet

DeckUp Shoe Rack
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The DeckUp shoe cabinet features a contemporary style design that goes with any modern home decor. The matte finishing and dark wenge color makes the cabinet stand out.  It is an engineered wooden cabinet that has two doors to prevent dust from gathering on your shoes while the gaps provide for cross ventilation.

The interior of the cabinet comes with three shelves that are capable of storing up to 12 pairs of shoes efficiently. In fact, you can even store books and other essential items. The outer top layer of this shoe cabinet can be used for placing decorative items and flower vases.

Main Features
  • Type: Shoe Cabinet.
  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 30 x 13 x 27 inches.
  • Weight of the cabinet: 16.5 kg.
  • The material used for construction: engineered wood with laminate.
  • The interior of the cabinet features three shelves.
  • It is dark wenge in color, and it comes with a matte finishing.
  • Requires basic assembly and comes with a DIY assembly instruction manual.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The two doors are designed to include gaps for cross ventilation.
  • Easy to clean using a dry cloth.
  • Contemporary style design blends with the modern aesthetics of your home.
  • Can easily store up to 12 pairs of shoes.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is not easy to assemble.
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4. DNS Metal World Shoe Rack – Best Wall-Mounted Shoe Rack

DNS Metal World Shoe Rack
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The DNS Creative Products metal shoe rack is basically a wall-mounted shoe rack that comes with a slim and compact design. Hence, it manages to save space at home.

The doors are easy to operate due to its self-balancing technology. They also feature a locking system to keep all your shoes safe and secure.

Moreover, the cross ventilation allows air circulation, keeping away odor and humidity. This enhances the life of your shoes. On the other hand, the steel shoe rack has a sturdy construction and has a layer of anti-rust powder coating, ensuring its durability.

Main Features
  • Type: Wall-Mounted Shoe rack.
  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 5 x 29 x 55 inches.
  • Weight: 50 kg.
  • Made using 1 mm CRCA steel.
  • Has an anti-rust powder coating layer.
  • Comes with a safety lock feature to keep your shoes safe.
  • It has a slim and beautiful design.
  • Available in different colors: ivory, purple, maroon, grey, and brown.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Ultra-compact design, occupies very little space.
  • The self-balancing technology makes the operation of the doors convenient and straightforward.
  • Allows cross-ventilation for keeping your shoes away from humidity and odor.
  • Has a sturdy and durable construction.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Price is a bit high compared to other shoe racks.
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5. Livzing Wooden Shoe Rack – The Eco-Friendly Shoe Rack

Livzing Wooden Shoe Rack
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The Livzing Shoe rack is made using 100% natural bamboo that is eco-friendly and water-resistant. It comes with 5-tiers and ample storage space to accommodate all your shoes. In fact, it can also be used as a multi-purpose rack for storing clothes, baskets, scarves, coats, hats, etc.

The compact and light-weight design of this shoe rack enables you to to carry it from one room to another. Moreover, it takes up very little space and can be placed anywhere like your bedroom, entryway, balcony, or closet.

Main Features
  • Dimensions ( Length x Width x Height): 63 x 25 x 95 cm.
  • Weight of the shoe rack: 2.84 kg.
  • Constructed using eco-friendly, natural bamboo.
  • The durable shoe rack comes with five tiers.
  • The built-in removable fittings are treated for rust prevention, while the screws are durable and rust-resistant.
  • Comes with two hollowed handles on the sides for ease of carrying.
  • It comes with a large storage capacity to accommodate all types of shoes.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy to assemble and dissemble.
  • Has a light-weight and portable design.
  • Multi-purpose rack.
  • Made using bamboo which is naturally water-resistant, preventing your shoes from getting damages.
  • It takes up very little space because of its compact design.
  • Has a safe-design to protect your children and your belongings from harm.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Not great for storing heels and pointed shoes.
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6. Multipurpose Portable Folding Shoes Rack – Large Storage Capacity

Multipurpose Portable Folding Shoes Rack
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This is one of the best multi-purpose portable shoe storage racks. It comes with nine layers which can accommodate up to 40 pairs of shoes, including heels, sneakers, flats, and boots. However, the layers can be adjusted so that you can easily store other larger belongings.

Apart from its steel tube and plastic connector construction, the shoe rack comes with a zippered cover made of non-woven fabric. The cover manages to keep your shoe dust free and hidden away from the view of people. It is a reliable and durable storage option that will keep your shoes and other essentials organized for the years to come.

Main Features
  • Weight: 290 grams.
  • Constructed using high-quality steel tubes and PP plastic connectors.
  • The shoe rack comes with nine layers, which can accommodate up to 40 pairs of shoes.
  • Each layer has a height of 6.6 inches for storing regular heels, flats, or sneakers.
  • Comes with a zippered cover to keep your shoes hidden and away from dust.
  • The cover is designed to include side pockets for additional storage of shoe brushes or keys.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy and quick to assemble without the requirement of any tool.
  • The layers or tiers can be adjusted for being able to store larger items and accessories.
  • Proves to be a reliable and long-lasting shoe storage solution.
  • Compact and light-weight design.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were seen so far.
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7. Peng Essentials Shoe Rack – Slim and Compact Design

Peng Essentials Shoe Rack
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The Peng Essentials wall-mounting shoe rack has a slim and compact design allowing you to fit it in any corner of your home easily. It comes with five shelves, each having a width of 20 inches for ample storage capacity. You can easily store more than ten pairs of shoes in this shoe rack.

The shoe rack is constructed using powder-coated steel sheets for ensuring its high durability. It also comes with a lock and key system to keep your shoes safe and secure.

Main Features
  • Type: wall-mounting shoe rack.
  • Dimensions: 63 x 20 x 5.2 inches.
  • Weight of the shoe rack: 14 kg.
  • Comes with five levels for ample storage capacity.
  • Made using premium quality steel sheets.
  • It is 100% powder coated.
  • Features a lock and essential arrangement.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The locking system keeps your shoes safe and secure.
  • Slim and space-saving design enables it to be fitted in any corner of your home.
  • The rack is highly durable because of its steel sheet construction.
  • Simple to assemble.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The quality of the rack was not up to the mark.
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8. Ebee Store Shoe Rack – Light-weight and Portable Design

Ebee Store Shoe Rack with 4 Shelves
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The Ebee collapsible shoe rack comes with PP plastic connectors, high-quality metal pipes, cloth mesh and a zippered cover made using non-woven fabric. These items, when assembled, transform into a sturdy and durable shoe rack. The rack features four cloth mesh shelves, capable of accommodating up to 15 pairs of shoes.

The light-weight and portable design of this shoe rack make it easy to move around during cleaning or re-organizing. Moreover, the cover protects your shoes from dirt and moisture, enhancing the lives of all your pairs of shoes.

Main Features
  • Dimensions: 58 x 28 x 72 cm.
  • Weight: 1.8 kg.
  • Stands on four steel pipe legs that are connected using PP plastic connectors.
  • It comes with a non-woven fabric cover and cloth mesh shelves.
  • Come with four shelves that can accommodate up to 15 pairs of shoes.
  • Weather-resistant and keeps your shoes well protected against moisture and dirt.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Built using high quality, durable material forming a sturdy structure when assembled.
  • Light-weight and portable design makes it easy to move around while cleaning or re-organizing.
  • The cloth mesh and cover can be detached and washed for proper maintenance.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The joints were not stable.
  • uality of the product could be better.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a shoe rack?

A shoe rack is a type of rack or stands designed using various colors, sizes, and styles. It is basically used for storing your shoes for keeping them in an organized manner. A shoe rack is constructed using different materials, including wood, PVC, plastic, metal, etc.

2. Where should a shoe rack be placed in the house?

A shoe rack can be placed anywhere in your house, be it in the entryway, hallway, bedroom, closet, or your living room. However, the placement depends on the size and type of shoe rack.

It is often said that a shoe rack should be placed in the west or south-west corner of your home. It should not be placed in north, south-east, and east directions.

3. How wide should a shoe shelf be?

Shelves for women’s shoes should have a width of around 12-13 inches while for men it should be around 14 inches. The vertical length between each shelf should be about 10 inches so that you can store any pair of shoes easily.

4. How do I maximize my shoe storage?

  • Shoe storage can be maximized by eliminating old shoes that you do not wear anymore.
  • Sort shoes according to categories and store them accordingly.
  • Stack shoes in shoe boxes or bins.
  • Hang them on hangers.
  • Store sneakers and flats in baskets.

5. How do you stack shoes?

You can stack shoes by placing them one on top of the other in transparent shoe boxes. Also, they can be stacked inside a shoe storage bench or ottoman. You can even stack shoes in separate baskets according to their category. Hangers are also considered as good options for stacking shoes.


Shoe storage racks are essential in every household for ensuring cleanliness and hygiene. Moreover, proper organization of shoes not only de-clutters your home, but it also enhances the life-span of your valuable collection of shoes. It protects them from dirt, dust, and moisture. Hence, this is one such product you should consider buying.

The comprehensive buyer’s guide will help you make the right decision while choosing a shoe rack for your home. While the reviews of the top 8 shoe racks available on amazon, provide you a list of options of the different types of shoe racks that you can purchase.

Consider going for our number one choice, namely- the DecorNation Vegas Wood Shoe Rack. Another suitable option that enhances your home decor is the DeckUp Noordin 2-Door Shoe Rack /Cabinet.

On the other hand, the Multipurpose Portable Folding Shoes Rack is capable of storing up to 40 pairs of shoes. We now conclude this article, with the hope that you find the ideal shoe rack for your home.

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