Sandwich Maker Under INR 3000

If you are looking for a multi-purpose kitchen appliance that you can use for grilling, barbecuing, and making health sandwiches, you need to purchase a sandwich maker under INR 3000.

Sandwiches are simple meals that you can have either for breakfast, lunch, or dinner with vast recipes that you can make as healthy as possible. A sandwich maker under INR 3000 will give you all the goodness of a healthy meal while ensuring you save time.

Although these sandwich makers are pricey, the specifications and versatility that come with it are worth the price you will pay.

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Unique features of andwich maker under INR 3000


One of the most unique features of a sandwich maker within this range is the fact that it can be used to make a variety of dishes.

A sandwich maker under INR 3000 can make barbecue and grill sausages, fish, steak, vegetables, make pancakes, waffles, and toast sandwiches and wraps. If you want to enjoy mouth-watering dishes that taste as if they are from a high-end restaurant, you can get that with this sandwich maker.


Are you expecting guests and you have very little time to prepare a meal? No need to worry or panic. A sandwich maker under INR 3000 will allow you to make up to four sandwiches at a time. Most of these sandwich makers have large plates that fit up to eight slices of bread, allowing you to cater to a large group of people quickly.


If you want to stuff your sandwich with lots of ingredients and make it bulky, a sandwich maker under INR 3000 will allow you to do that. The gadget has adjustable hinges that can be adjusted to fit a thick sandwich.

Temperature control

The sandwich maker has a temperature control knob, which enables you to control the temperature settings. This ensures you can enjoy perfectly grilled meals with 2000 watts powered grill that cooks your food faster and evenly.

Dual plates

If you want to save time, your sandwich maker allows you to use both plates at the same time by opening the grill flat to 180 degrees.

Oil Collector Cup

If you are a health-conscious individual, this a perfect choice for you. The sandwich maker has an oil collector cup that drains all the excess oil and grease, ensuring you have healthy meals.


The non-stick coating on the grill ensures your sandwich maker is easy to clean.

LED indicators

This feature works by showing you, using a red light and a green light, when to pre-heat, when to cook and when the food is thoroughly cooked.

Comparison between sandwich maker INR 1000

If you are still in doubt about whether it is worth it to spend a lot of money on a sandwich maker, then have a look at the below comparison.

Sandwich maker under INR 3000

Sandwich maker under INR 1000 

1. Capacity – can make up to four sandwiches1. Capacity – Can make one or two sandwiches
2. Adjustable hinges.2. Not available
3. Dual plates.3. Not Available
4. Non-Stick coating4. Non-stick coating
5. Oil Collector cup5. Not available
6. Indicator light6. Indicator light.



A sandwich maker is a kitchen appliance that is found in most Indian homes. From the comparison above, it is evident that a powerful sandwich maker is a worth investment for your kitchen.

A sandwich maker under INR 3000 is a kitchen appliance that will add value to your kitchen in every kind of way. From saving on time, enjoying meals that taste as a top chef has prepared to ensure you are eating healthy meals, this gadget is a must-have.

There are several brands in the market and your choice will depend on your preference.