Singer-Maxi-Toast Non-Stick Sandwich-Maker Review

The Singer company was established decades ago. The company has been using advanced technology in manufacturing their products. The brand is dedicated to delivering world-class products to its customers. It manufactures sewing machines, home appliances, and beauty products besides others.

Singer-maxi toast non-stick 700-ABS sandwich-maker is available in silver & black. It has a handle that will allow you to carry the appliance easily. With the light indicators, you will easily know whether the device is switched ON and whether the plates are heated.


Power rating

Singer-maxi 700-ABS sandwich maker has a power output of 700 watts. With this, your plates will be heated fast for efficient cooking.

Non-stick plates

The plates of Singer maxi sandwich maker are coated with non-stick substances that have no toxic chemicals; hence your sandwich will always be safe for consumption. With non-stick plates, your sandwich won’t stick to the plate’s surface. It will be easy to clean the plates. Also, the non-stick plates will allow you to use less cooking oil when preparing your sandwich.

Light indicators

Singer-maxi 700-ABS sandwich-maker comes with two light indicators, which will help you monitor the status of the device easily. The red indicator shows that the appliance is switched ON while the green indicator shows that the plates are heated and ready for use.

Heatproof handle

With a heatproof handle, you will be able to use the appliance safely. The lock in the handle locks the plates easily to allow your sandwich to cook evenly.

Rubber legs

The appliance has rubber feet, which will give stability to the device at all times, even while in use.

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What Do We like

Energy Efficiency

The appliance is energy efficient; hence you will save on your electricity bills.


Singer-maxi 700-ABS sandwich-maker measures 27 cm x 11 x by 24.5 cm. it can be stored in compact spaces. The appliance can also be stored in a vertical position, which will save more space.


This sandwich maker comes with a warranty of two years.

Auto-thermostat control

This appliance has an auto thermostat. This will control the temperature of the device to minimize the possibility of your sandwiches getting burnt.

Plate size

The plate is spacious enough to accommodate two sandwiches at one time. The plates are also designed in a way that you will be able to cut the sandwich into triangular pieces.

Easy to use

This appliance is simple to use, and for further guidance, a user manual is provided.

What We Don’t Like

The power cord is very short.


Singer-maxi toast non-stick 700-ABS sandwich-maker has light indicators. Non-stick plates will allow you to cook your sandwich conveniently. Its compact design and lightweight allow one to carry the appliance easily. The heatproof handle makes it safe for everyone using the device. Above all, this appliance comes with a two-year warranty.

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