Rico Sandwich Toaster and Grill Review

Rico is among the pioneer companies in the home appliances industry. RICO brands have been benchmarked by other brands due to its best performance and high-quality products. This brand has over a million users who trust the company.

Rico sandwich maker is available in black. The appliance is designed with a trendy look of an Italian-bevel purse. Ergonomic handle makes it easy for one to carry this sandwich maker. With a non-stick surface, you will be able to cook healthy sandwiches with little oil.



Rico sandwich maker operates at 750 watts.

Non-stick coating

The plates of Rico sandwich maker are coated with a non-stick substance which has no toxic elements in it. With a non-stick surface, you will be able to use less cooking oil, which will make your sandwich healthy. Also, when cooking, your sandwich won’t stick to the surface of the plates, which makes it easy to clean.

Ergonomic handle

With an ergonomic handle, you will be able to operate the appliance conveniently. The handle is made using heat resistant material, which makes it remain cool; hence your hands won’t be burned. The handle also has a hinged lock, which will be used to lock the cover so that heat is retained for even cooking.

Cool touch body

For improved safety, the sandwich body is made using a heat resistance body; hence it will be safe for you to use this device.

Light indicator

With the light indicator, you will be able to see whether the appliance is switched ON using the red light indicator and whether your sandwich is ready using the green light indicator.

Operation voltage

This appliance requires a voltage range of 220 volts to 230 volts to operate.

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What Do We like

Energy Saving

It requires less power to operate, which leads to low electric bills.

Compact design

Rico sandwich maker has a small size, and it can be stored in a vertical position, which will reduce the storage space needed.


Rico sandwich maker has a manufacturer warranty of 2 years.

Anti-skid legs

With anti-skid legs, your sandwich maker will remain stable while in use, making it convenient and also safe.

Power cord

This appliance comes with a power cord that has a length of 130 centimeters. The cable is long enough, making the product more flexible. It is also well insulated to prevent all kinds of electrical hazards.

Cord winder

This appliance has a cord winder that will allow you to wind the cable for easier storage.


This appliance weighs about 1.45 kilograms, which makes it easier when carrying.

Preheat feature

This toaster has a preheat feature which will heat the appliance fast before use.

Easy to use

Rico sandwich maker is simple to use, and it comes with an instruction manual.

What We Don’t Like



Rico sandwich maker is safe for use. The appliance has no sharp edges, which can cause cuts. It’s lightweight and compact design makes it easy to carry. The non-stick coating makes it convenient to cook your sandwich and the cleaning thereafter. The Italian-bevel purse design of this sandwich maker makes it attractive.

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