Pigeon Sandwich Maker

Pigeon India was incorporated in 2009 and is privately owned. The company is registered in India as a subsidiary of a foreign company.

Pigeon India has various kitchen appliances in the market, and they include electric kettles, induction cooktops, mixer grinders and toasters which are distributed by Stovecraft Limited.

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Pigeon Sandwich makers

Preparing sandwiches at the comfort of your kitchen is a common thing in most homes in India, especially in the morning. Having a sandwich maker that meets those needs has, therefore become necessary.

Pigeon has not been left behind and has sandwich makers in the market that ensure you enjoy healthy sandwiches and add glamour and style to your kitchen.

Some of the sandwich makers by Pigeon have these specifications.

Healthy sandwiches

Pigeon sandwich makers will ensure you enjoy a quick hassle-free healthy meal. The sandwich makers are designed to allow you to make a sandwich with little or no oil at all due to the non-stick coated plates. 

The non-stick coated plates are also easy to clean, which is perfect for a person in a hurry.

Safe and easy to use

The sandwich makers by Pigeon are also safe to use since they have cool-touch handles that ensure you do not burn your fingers. The sandwich makers also have a side clip lock that makes sure your sandwich is safely in place while grilling.

Even Grilling

The grill in the sandwich makers has a temperature that enables your sandwich to cook evenly. The sandwich maker by Pigeon also grills your sandwich slowly, ensuring it is well prepared.

Taste preservation

The slow cooking and grilling and the uniformity in heating preserve the taste and nutrition of your sandwich, ensuring you do not lose anything.


A sandwich maker by Pigeon is versatile. The grill can make other dishes besides sandwiches like fish, chicken, and kebabs, enabling you to enjoy a variety of cuisines. 

Easy to store

Pigeon also has sandwich toasters that are easy to store due to the size, ensuring you save on space. The size is also an added advantage since you can carry your sandwich toaster out for a picnic.

Shockproof body

Pigeon believes in manufacturing products that are safe to use and can be sued by anyone in the household. The sandwich makers, therefore, have a heat resistant body that is shockproof, which means even children can operate the gadget efficiently.

Power saving

Pigeon sandwich toaster ensures you save electricity since its power usage is very minimal.

The USP of Pigeon

Pigeon is a company that was incorporated in India to manufacture kitchen appliances. The company, therefore, has been able to study the Indian market and has understood what appliances are best for the consumers and what the consumer is looking for.

Pigeon’s unique selling point is also manufacturing products that meet specific needs for the consumers because of the market research. This ensures that Pigeon offers premium kitchen solutions without compromising on style.


Buying a kitchen appliance is a very personal affair since different people look for different specifications. If you are looking for products that have a unique customer proposition, then you will not go wrong with Pigeon.

The company has various sandwich makers that will fit your style and budget.