Nova Sandwich Maker

Nova Home Appliances was established in 1990 with the sole purpose of manufacturing and distributing home appliances. The company prides itself on manufacturing high-quality products using the finest materials available to ensure that the consumer is satisfied. The quality of its products has made Nova popular in India not only to homeowners but also restaurants, offices and other places that use home appliances.

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Nova Sandwich Makers

If you are looking for a sandwich maker that will make you enjoy a healthy sandwich filled with ingredients of your choice, then you need a Nova sandwich maker.

The sandwich maker gives you a well-grilled sandwich that is crunchy, healthy and delicious. The handy sandwich maker by Nova will ensure you are enjoying healthy meals and is fitted with the following specifications:

The Feet

If you are worried about where you will place your sandwich maker to ensure it does not skid and mess up your cooking area, then you need not worry about Nova. The sandwich maker by Nova has a non-skid fit which ensures you can make your sandwiches on dining tables, kitchen tables, and even office tables without creating a mess.

The sandwich makers are ergonomically designed to ensure you enjoy preparing and eating your meal.


Sandwich makers by Nova have a non-stick coating which not only makes sure you enjoy scrumptious sandwiches but that the cleaning up process is easy and quick. You can, therefore, add as many coatings as you want without worrying about the mess you will cause.

The coating also prevents your sandwich maker from rusting, ensuring it lasts long.


Would you like to enjoy a well-grilled sandwich that tastes like a top chef has made it? The Nova sandwich makers have a grilling function that gives your sandwiches a crispy texture adding that perfection to your meal.


Nova has not left anything to chance as far as comfortability is concerned. The cords are longer – up to 1.2 meters which makes it easier for you to use your sandwich maker at the comfort of your desk or dining. You can connect your sandwich maker to a socket that is further away from you.

Light indicator

How do you monitor your sandwich to ensure it is not getting overcooked? No need to worry. Nova sandwich makers have an LED indicator that lets you know the progress of your sandwich. You are therefore able to enjoy a well done and not overcooked sandwich at all times.

Cool Touch

Safety comes first for Nova; that is why the sandwich makers have a cool touch housing and handle to keep you safe. The outer body of the sandwich is also a bad conductor of heat, ensuring you do not get burned.

The USP of Nova

Nova’s unique selling point is in manufacturing products that are durable and consume minimum power, ensuring that you save on the initial purchase and also save when using the product.

The durability of the products also ensures you save on your money since you do not have to keep replacing the same product. Nova is, therefore, all about saving money for the consumer.

Nova also uses the latest technology in the manufacturing of the products to ensure that you get new products that solve modern needs. The company has also expanded its operations all over India, ensuring that customer care is readily available.


From the specifications above, it is clear that Nova has some of the best and affordable sandwich makers in the market.

With a variety of styles to choose from, you will be able to get your desired sandwich makers by Nova based on your budget.

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