Philips HD2394 Panini Sandwich Maker Review

Philips manufactures highly safe and exceptional quality products. All the products use the latest technology. Products from Philips are affordable and simple to operate. The company tests all its products before it reaches the market to ensure that it delivers the service intended.

Philips HD2394 Panini sandwich maker comes in black color. The appliance has a cool-touch handle, which makes it convenient while making your sandwich. The light indicators help you know the status of this appliance.

Non-stick coating

Philips HD2394 Panini sandwich maker has plates that are coated with a non-toxic substance. The sandwich will not stick to the surface of the plates due to its non-stick feature. The non-stick feature will make it easier for you to clean the plates.

Power rating

This product operates with a power rating of 820 watts. Your plates will be heated fast for efficient cooking.

Operating voltage

This appliance requires a voltage of 220 volts for it to operate effectively.

Cool-touch handle

Philips HD2394 Panini sandwich maker has a cool-touch handle, which makes it convenient for you while operating the appliance. You are safe from heat injuries while using the device. The handle has an easy pushdown lock system. With this lock, the plates will help in making an evenly cooked sandwich.

Anti-skid feet

This appliance comes with anti-skid feet, which will hold it firmly on the countertop. This will make it stable and convenient while using it.

Light indicators

This sandwich maker has light indicators to enable you to know the status of the appliance without any difficulty. The red light indicator shows that the sandwich maker power is ON, while the green light indicator shows that the device is ready to be used.

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What Do We like

Energy efficient

The product consumes less power; hence you will be able to save some money on the electricity bill.


Philips HD2394 Panini sandwich maker comes with a product warranty of two years. This warranty covers manufacturer defects.

Cord winder

With a cable winder, you will be able to wind your power cable for easier storage.

Cut & seal plates

The plates of this sandwich maker are capable of cutting & sealing your sandwich so that the cheese and the ingredient can remain sealed in your sandwich.

Compact design

This appliance is small, and it can be stored vertically. This will greatly help you in saving your kitchen storage space.


Philips HD2394 Panini sandwich maker weighs about 1.66 Kilograms. You will be able to carry this sandwich maker for outdoor activities.

What We Don’t Like

  • It is small to fit two slices of regular-sized slices of bread.
  • The power cord is too short for flexibility.


Philips HD2394 Panini sandwich maker has a pushdown lock button, which makes it easier to lock your sandwich maker. The cord winder ensures hassle-free storage of your appliance. Non-stick plates make it easy to clean and maintain your device. This appliance comes with a warranty of two years.

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