Tosaa Sandwich Maker

Tosaa Industries is a sole proprietor firm that was incorporated in Mumbai in the year 2009.

The company is involved in the manufacturing and distribution of kitchen equipment and prides itself on the sturdy and subtle finish of the products it distributes.

The company has put proper structures in place to ensure that all activities of the manufacturing and distribution of products are done professionally.

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Tosaa sandwich makers

The company has three types of sandwich makers which include:

  • Duet Sandwich toaster
  • Gas Sandwich toaster
  • Solo sandwich toaster.

A Tosaa sandwich maker will transform ordinary toast into a crispy meal within no time and comes with the following specifications


How easy is it to remove the sandwich once it is ready? With a Tosaa sandwich maker, you can easily remove your sandwich from the toaster without the bread sticking there. The appliance has a two-layered German non-stick coating, which also enables you to clean your sandwich maker easily.

The non-stick coating also ensures that food does not stick to the surface and can be used with very little oil. If you want healthy sandwiches, then a sandwich maker by Tosaa is perfect for you.


A Tosaa sandwich maker has long-lasting handles that do not get hot when using your appliance. The grip is also firm and cannot break easily. The stay-cool handles ensure that you can safely use your sandwich makers without burning your hands or fingers. They are also comfortable to hold.


Cleaning your sandwich makers by Tosaa is easy. It is also non-reactive to food. Make sure to clean thoroughly after use using hot water and soap and wipe with a sponge or dishcloth. Before cleaning, make sure your sandwich maker is cool.

What to observe when using Tosaa Sandwich makers

  • Do not use on high flames.
  • Use only wooden spoons or spatula so as not to damage the non-stick coating. You can also use a nylon spatula since it will also not damage the coating.
  • Do not scrape with sharp objects.
  • Always clean after use and do not put the hot appliance in cold water.

The USP of Tosaa

  • Tosaa is an Indian company that is involved in manufacturing products for Indian households. The products are easily affordable and easy to use, which has made the brand very popular.
  • The company prides itself on practicing ethical business, delivering on time, and making sure the client is satisfied.
  • The USP of Tosaa is in manufacturing affordable products, ensuring even low-income earners can afford kitchen appliances they would not be able to afford from other brands.
  • Customer satisfaction is paramount, and Tosaa listens to its customers to ensure they get only the best.


A sandwich maker can transform a dull sandwich into a crispy healthy meal.

The appliance is, therefore, convenient in the kitchen. At Tosaa, they have made the gadget affordable, easy to use, and practical.

Tosaa has made sure most households can afford this convenient kitchen appliance. Buy one from the three choices available and enjoy healthy sandwiches.