Lifelong Sandwich Maker

Lifelong India opened its doors in 2015 by selling its products on Amazon. The company started by selling mixer grinders and later on developed an entire range of kitchen products. The company later on added grooming and lifestyle products and is now a leading company in the home appliances range. The company has a strong online presence since that is where it first started and serves over 500 cities across India.

Lifelong online is a part of the Lifelong group which has been in existence for over twenty years.

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Lifelong Sandwich makers

Lifelong sandwich makers have premium finish, are made to last long and add glamour to your kitchen. Enjoy a healthy and tasty sandwich using a sandwich maker that has the following specifications:


Cleaning a sandwich maker after use can be a difficult job. With all the wires and cords that you must avoid putting in water, it is not easy to clean the inside. But worry no more. Lifelong has got you sorted with their sandwich makers that have smooth outer finish and non-stick toaster plates. All you need to do is wipe with a damp cloth which will enable you to avoid the wires and the cord.

Teflon coating

Making a sandwich requires you to brush the bread with a little oil or butter to prevent it from sticking into the plates. If you are health conscious and you are watching your calories, then it might not be possible to enjoy an oil-free sandwich. But not with Lifelong sandwich makers. The sandwich makers have a non-stick Teflon coating which helps eliminate oil from your cooking.

The non-stick coating also prevents your sandwich maker from rusting, making it last longer.

LED light

A sandwich maker by Lifelong has an LED light which lets you know when the appliance is ready for use and when the sandwiches are ready to eat.

The sandwich maker also has a cool outer body which makes it safe to use since you cannot burn your fingers.


The sandwich maker has a compact design that ensures you can store it easily in your kitchen. If you are worried about space, then you can relax since the sandwich maker can fit in your kitchen cabinet.

It can be stored in an upright position, ensuring you do not use a lot of space.

What else will you expect from a sandwich maker by Lifelong

  • Hinged locks for a well-grilled sandwich.
  • Versatility – can grill other foods like paneer and chicken
  • Skid-resistant feet
  • Cord winder to enable you to manage the cords easily and prevent tangling.
  • The handle is made to prevent overheating.

The USP of Lifelong

  • Lifelong is a company that has a huge presence online. Its online presence has made it possible for the company to interact with its customers efficiently.
  • Lifelong therefore knows what the customer wants and distributes products that meet specific needs.
  • Longlife also offers its customers doorstep pick up and replacement in case of any defect on your product.
  • The USP of lifelong is, therefore, its connection with the customers directly ensuring they can meet their needs.


Buying a sandwich maker is not an easy task. With several brands available, each promising the best, you might find it challenging to choose the best. With Lifelong, you can be sure that you are buying a product that has gone through rigorous tests and has been proven to work. The company values customer feedback and improves on the products based on that feedback. Choose from the various sandwich makers available by Lifelong and enjoy a product that will last long and enhance your kitchen.