Glen 3029 Sandwich Maker & Griller Review

Glen appliances limited was established in the year 1999. This company is majorly known for manufacturing chimneys, cooking appliances, cooktops, small appliances, etc. At Glen integrity and professionalism are the major words.

Glen sandwich maker & griller 3029 is among the appliances the Glen Company manufactures. This product has a sturdy & strong body.

Non-stick cooking plates

This product has non-stick cooking plates. With these plates, your sandwich will require little oil for cooking. When cooking your sandwich they won’t stick on the plate. Non-stick plates are also easy to clean.

Non-toxic coating

These sandwich plates have no presence of toxic compounds like BPA and lead; hence your food will be healthy and safe for use.


Glen Sandwich Maker & Griller 3029 operates with a power of 700 Watts. Due to low power, your bill will be little making this sandwich maker economical.

Cool-touch handle

This sandwich maker has a handle that gives convenience when using this product. This handle is made with heat resistant material hence your hands will be free from burning.

Light indicator

The light indicator will allow you to know the preparation status of your sandwich and ensures the best output without any difficulties.


This product has a measurement of about 30cm by 12cm by 33cm. This gives you ample space for your grilling operations.

Compact design

With a compact design sandwich, you don’t need a lot of space for storage.

Auto adjustable height

This product has an auto adjustable height which will change depending on the thickness of your food.

Thermostat control

With a thermostat control feature, the heat will be regulated to make sure that your sandwich cooks evenly & properly.

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What Do We like


This sandwich maker comes with a manufacturer warranty of two years.


This product weighs about 2.28 kilograms which makes it lightweight hence can be easily carried.

Auto-lock mechanism

With this feature, it reduces the chance of you getting into contact with the hot sandwich maker and as a result, your hands will be safe.

Easy to use

Glen sandwich maker & griller is simple to operate. Additionally, it comes with a user guide in case you need further guidance.

Anti-skid feet

With anti-skid feet, your sandwich maker will be held firmly on the countertop.


Glen sandwich maker & griller is made using sturdy and strong materials making it last for long.

What We Don’t Like

The grill space may not be enough to most of the clients


This sandwich maker is suitable for making everyone’s favorite sandwich. More safety features which include auto-lock mechanism and cool-touch handle will make sure that your fingers are free from any burning. The product requires no expert experience for one to operate it. The light indicator will help you when your sandwich will be ready. Moreover, this sandwich maker comes with a two-year warranty.

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