Philips Sandwich Makers

Philips was founded in 1891, with its first products being light bulbs. The company, which is headquartered in Amsterdam, was very popular in the manufacturing of electronics and was one time one of the largest companies in that sector. The company has now diversified into health technologies.

Philips India is a subsidiary of Philips international, and it began its operations in 1930. This company is one of the most trusted companies in India and was ranked 12th most trusted brands in 2014.

As stated above, in India, Philips is a trusted company that the brand has earned by manufacturing products that are practical and of high quality. Philips has the two popular kinds of sandwich makers, i.e. the Panini press and the Four triangles.

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The cut and seal plates

This ensures that the sandwich ingredients stay inside the sandwich makers and do not spill over.


The sandwich makers can be stored vertically, enabling you to save space in your kitchen.

Lock system

Philips sandwich makers have an easy lock system that allows you to push down and securely lock and close the sandwich maker.


Sandwich makers by Philips have non-sticking coats, which makes them easy to clean after use.


Due to the high temperatures found in Philips sandwich makers, the sandwiches are evenly toasted, allowing you to enjoy crusty sandwiches.

The high temperature also seals in all the juices coming out of your food, ensuring that you do not lose nutrients and flavor.


The sandwich makers are easy to store since they have a code winding facility that allows you to store the gadget neatly.


If you are worried about your fingers while cooking, Philips sandwich makers will ensure you are protected with a cool-touch handle. The handle stays cool during cooking ensuring you do not burn your hands.


With Philips products, safety is paramount, and that is why the sandwich makers have rubber fit to ensure your gadget does not move when you are using it.

Ready Lights.

How do you know if your sandwich is ready? Philips sandwich maker has heating up and ready light that lets you know when to start cooking and when to stop easily.

High power

Most sandwich makers by Philips have a high power, which allows you to heat your sandwich maker quickly.

The USP of Philips

Philips is a trusted company in India. Its longevity in the market and being able to keep its reputation has earned the company respect among the Indian consumers.

Most people will buy a product without checking the specifications if the product is by Philips.

The trust that the company has earned over the years is the unique selling point of this brand.

Consumers are guaranteed quality products, and the company does not have a history of disappointing its customers.

The customer care services are also top-notch.


A sandwich maker is a ubiquitous kitchen appliance. It is an essential gadget that was previously used only for making breakfast. Sandwiches are now used as light meals that can be eaten throughout the day.

Buying a sandwich maker is not easy due to the many choices available from different brands. Philips is a trusted brand, not only in India but worldwide. Buying a sandwich maker from Philips will guarantee you a quality product that you can use for many years.

The sandwich makers by Philips are available in different colors and styles, and they are all differently priced to give you a more extensive choice.

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