Singer Xpress Toast and Grill Review

Singer India Company Limited focuses on two major business sectors. They include sewing products & home appliances. The home appliances made by Singer Limited include food processors, steam and dry irons, Sandwich toasters & makers, mixer grinders, hand blenders, and others.

Singer Xpress Toast and Grill are available in black & silver. This appliance has an automatic heat cut off mechanism and a light indicator to indicate the status of the device. It comes with removable non-stick plates.


Non-stick coating on plates

This appliance comes with two non-stick plates, which include toast & grill. The non-stick plates make it possible for one to cook the sandwich with little oil. The sandwich will not stick to the plate’s surface hence easy to clean.

Light indicators

This sandwich maker has two light indicators with which you can monitor the status of the device, whether it is switched ON and whether the plates are ready for use.

Power rating

This appliance has a power rating of 600 watts.

Cool-touch handle

This appliance has a cool-touch handle with a comfortable handgrip, which makes it convenient for use. The handle is built using heat resistant materials; hence your fingers will not be burnt. This handle also has a lock. Locking the lid will help in retaining the heat for your sandwich to cook evenly.

Rubber feet

Singer Xpress sandwich maker comes with rubber feet, which helps in reducing sliding hence convenient for you when using it.

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What Do We like

Spacious plates

The plates of this sandwich allow you to cook two sandwiches at the same time; hence you will save time used on cooking.

Energy saving

The appliance consumes less power; hence you will be able to save on electric bills.

Compact design

This appliance is compact, which makes it possible for one to store it in places with small spaces. The device can also be stored in a vertical position, which will help in saving your storage space.


This appliance weighs about 1.78 kilograms. With this, you will be able to carry it to any place.

Simple to use

With this sandwich maker, you will be able to make snacks easily, and if a difficulty is encountered, you can easily refer to the user guide.


The appliance comes with a two-year warranty.


This appliance body is made using ABS and metal, which make it durable.

Automatic heat cut-off

This appliance has an automatic heat cut-off feature, which will minimize the chances of your sandwich getting burnt.

What We Don’t Like

Can’t be used with a large-sized bread


Singer Xpress sandwich maker comes with automatic heat cut-off feature and light indicators, which will help in the process of cooking your sandwich. With two interchangeable plates, you will be able to change the plates and make a snack of your choice. This appliance also comes with a manufacturer warranty of two years.

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