Prestige PEG 3.0 Electric Grill Review

Prestige is known for making various kitchen appliances that cater to diverse kitchen needs. The brand makes the best quality products that meet the highest safety standards. Prestige has always been in the frontline of innovation, and it has been among the fastest-growing company in the kitchen devices sector.

Prestige PEG 3.0 electric grill is one of the popular products from the brand. The product is durable as it is made with the best quality materials. This product has a unique and compact design.



This is a 700 watts device. It is suitable for most grilling operations in your kitchen.


The voltage rating of this device is 230v.

Non-stick heating plate

This product uses non-stick plates. With these, you need not worry about your food sticking to the surface; you will be required to use little or no oil at all.

Floating-hinge design

The floating-hinge design of this product makes it possible for one to close the grill evenly when making thicker sandwiches/steaks. The hinges also make it safe for use.

Light indicator

The light indicator shows the product’s power status.


The handle is made from a heat resistant material, which adds to the safety factor of the device.

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What Do We like

Heat resistance coating

The exterior of the device does not get heated up as it is made of heat resistant material.


This product weighs about 1.3 kilograms. With this weight, the product can be easily carried from one point to the other.

Compact design

Its compact design makes it possible for this product to be stored in small spaces.


Prestige PEG 3.0 electric grill comes with a one-year warranty, which begins from the date of purchase.

Energy efficient

This is an energy-efficient grill, and you will be able to save on power bills.

Elegant surface

This product has a red outer surface, which has an attractive design.

Easy to clean

This product is easy to clean. With non-stick plates, you will be able to wipe the dirt off easily.


This product is made using durable aluminum plates, which makes it last longer.

What We Don’t Like

  • Has no temperature control function
  • One has to manually check the food on the cooking status.


This is one of the best grills available in the market. The strong build and superior technology make the device highly desirable. The product consumes less power, which makes it economical too in the long run. It is fitted with a heat resistance material on the exteriors, which guarantees your safety.

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