Agaro Elegant 33185 Sandwich Maker Review

Agaro is a company that manufactures household and beauty appliances. One of the kitchen appliances made by this brand is the sandwich maker. Sandwich makers from this brand are durable.

Agaro Elegant Sandwich Maker (800w) is one of the popular products from this brand. The appliance is available in black color. It has a non-stick plate, which is convenient when cooking. With an ergonomic handle, you will be able to carry the appliance to any place.


Non-stick coating

This appliance has a non-stick coating (Teflon coating), which makes cooking convenient. When cooking, your sandwich won’t stick to the plate’s surface; hence it will be easy for you to clean. Also, you will use little oil, which will make your sandwich healthier.

Cool-touch handle

This sandwich maker comes with a handle made using heat-proof material. This will make it remain cool; hence your hands will be free from getting burnt. Also, this handle comes with a lock system that will allow you to close the lid. This will retain the heat inside, which will evenly cook your sandwich.

Light indicators

This sandwich maker comes with two light indicators, which are red and green. You will be able to know the progress while making your sandwich quickly. The red light indicator shows that the appliance power is switched ON while the green light indicator shows that the plates are heated and ready to be used.

Anti-skid feet

The legs of AGARO Elegant Sandwich Maker are made of rubber, which prevents it from slipping on the surface of the countertop. You will be able to use the appliance conveniently because it will be stable during use.

Power rating

This sandwich maker uses 800 watts.

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What Do We like

Power cord

AGARO Elegant Sandwich Maker comes with a power cable that has a length of 1.5 meters. The cable is well made and insulated; hence you will be free from electrical hazards.

Sturdy body

This appliance is made using die-cast aluminum material, which is sturdy and rust-resistant,  hence durable. Also, the body is shockproof, which will prevent accidental injuries.


AGARO Elegant Sandwich Maker comes with a warranty of one year.


This sandwich maker weighs approximately 1kilogram. You will be able to carry it comfortably.


This sandwich maker uses less storage space. You can also store it in a vertical position, which will occupy less space.

Auto heat control

This appliance comes with a heat controller, which will regulate the heat of the device to prevent your sandwich from getting charred or overcooked.

What We Don’t Like

Plate’s capacity

The plates of this sandwich maker can accommodate only two regular sandwiches at the same time. You cannot use large slices as the plates are relatively smaller.


AGARO Elegant Sandwich Maker is among the best sandwich makers in the industry. With a cool handle and body, you will be able to operate the appliance safely. The compact design and its lightweight make it suitable for outdoor activities. This appliance also comes with a warranty of one year.

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