Instaplus Grill Gas Toaster Review

Instaplus manufactures and designs products that satisfy their customers’ needs. Products manufactured by Instaplus are of the best quality hence durable. One of the products manufactured by this brand is Instaplus grill non-stick gas toaster.

This is a non-electric appliance. It is available in brown color, and its plates are non-stick for convenience when cooking.


Non-stick coating on plates

The plates of this sandwich maker are coated using a non-stick material. The material used is free from toxic compounds, including lead & cadmium; hence your sandwich will be safe for consumption. The non-stick coating will allow you to prepare your sandwich conveniently without it sticking to the surfaces of the plates. This will make it easy and comfortable for use.

With non-stick coating, you will use less cooking oil, which will make your sandwiches healthier.

Long handles

This sandwich maker comes with long handles, which will allow you to prepare the sandwich at a distance from the flame. The handgrip of these handles are coated with heat-resistant material. This will keep your hands safe and free from burning. It also has a lock that will hold the plates together to retain heat for even and proper cooking.

Compact size

This appliance has a compact size, which will allow you to store it in small spaces. You will be able to carry it easily with you for outdoor activities.

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What Do We like


This is a non-electric appliance; hence, you will be free to use it even in remote areas. It’s economical to use because it does not use electricity. All that is required is a source of heat.


Instaplus grill gas toaster comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

Simple to use

This sandwich maker is simple and safe to operate. You require no expert skills for you to make a sandwich using this appliance.


This is a lightweight appliance. You will be able to carry it to a picnic or camping.


This appliance is made using stainless steel, which makes it sturdy and durable.

Deep grilled plates

The plates of this appliance have a deep grill, which will allow you to make crispy & crunchy-grill sandwiches.

What We Don’t Like

No indicators

As this is a non-electric appliance, it has no light indicator; hence you will be required to frequently check your sandwich, whether it is ready or not.

Small in size

The plates are very small; hence you will be able to make just one sandwich at a time.


Instaplus grill gas toaster is a useful appliance that will help you save money. With non-stick plates, you will be able to make a sandwich conveniently. Long handles will keep your hands safe and free from heat injuries. The appliance is lightweight and compact hence easy to carry.

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