Cello Super Club Grill Maker Review

Cello Company deals with different varieties of household products. The brand is dedicated to giving a world-class lifestyle to each individual. The brand has won various awards due to its commitment.

Cello super club grill maker is available in white. This sandwich maker is made using plastic material and has amazing features, including a drip tray, light indicator, and more.


Non-stick plates

The plates of this griller are non-stick. This means you can cook an oil-free sandwich, and your sandwich will not stick on the plate’s surfaces. These non-stick plates are also easy to clean.

Non-toxic coating

The coating of these plates is free from any toxic compounds (BPA and Lead), making the sandwich maker safe for preparing your sandwich.

Floating hinges

This sandwich maker has floating hinges, which will allow you to align the food properly.

Wide opening

The plates will open as wide as 180-degree to allow you to have easier access to the sandwich.

Power rating

This sandwich maker has a power rating of 1500 Watts. This makes this product best for everyday grilling.

Operation voltage

Cello super club grill maker operates with voltages ranging from 210 and 250 volts.

Light indicator

Cello super club grill maker has light indicators (green and red), which shows the current status of your grill maker. The red light indicator shows that your product power in ON, while the green indicator shows that your sandwich maker is heated and ready to be utilized.

Concealed power storage

This sandwich maker has a power storage section, which will make it easy and convenient when storing your product.

Temperature control knob

With a heat control knob, you will be able to regulate the heat, depending on what you require. This will greatly help in reducing the chances of your sandwich getting burned.

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What Do We like


Cello super club grill maker comes with a warranty of one year.

Oil drip tray

This feature will make sure that the excess oil is drained out so that your sandwich will cook with as little or as possible.


This sandwich maker has a handle that gives you convenience and comfort when using the product. Its handgrip is made using heat resistant material; therefore, it will stay cool, and your hand won’t get burned.

Simple to operate

This sandwich maker is simple to operate. It is well labeled for convenience. A user guide is included to guide you further.

Compact design

Cello super club grill maker has a compact design; hence you will be able to store it in small spaces.


This sandwich weighs about 2.41 kilograms; hence it can be easily carried.

What We Don’t Like

The power cord needs to be a bit long because it is just about one meter.


This grill maker has the best features like heat control knob, oil drip tray, light indicators, and others. This product is compact and lightweight; hence it will be more portable. With a cool-touch handle, you will be able to operate with it conveniently. Above all, it comes with a one year warranty.

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