Nova NSG 2436 Sandwich Maker Review

Nova Company makes sandwich makers, which have an attractive design. The company’s dream is to provide eco-friendly and high-quality products to their clients. Nova products have reasonable prices, and above all, they are simple to operate.

Nova NSG 2436 sandwich maker has a ceramic coating which makes this product attractive. This sandwich maker can comfortably accommodate two slices at a time; hence you will save on the cooking time. This sandwich maker is also simple to operate.


Toasting capacity is two slices. You will comfortably be able to cook two slices at the same time. This plate dimensions 37 cm by 17 cm by 18 cm.

Non-stick plate

This sandwich maker has a non-stick plate that comes with a ceramic coating.


It has handles that will make it simple and comfortable for you when handling the product. The handle is fitted with a heat resistance material; hence it will be safe for use.

Non-slip stand

With a non-slip stand, your product will always be free from slipping, which prevents damages. The stand will hold the product firmly on any surface.


Nova NSG 2436 sandwich maker operates with a power rating of about 700 watts.

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What Do We like

Heat-resistant body

The product is made using ABS plastic material, which makes it safe for you.


Nova NSG 2436 sandwich maker comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Easy to use

The sandwich maker is simple to operate. In case of difficulty with its operation, you are provided with a user manual in the package.

Elegant appearance

This product has a silver coating, which makes it attractive.

Compact design

This sandwich maker has a compact design, which makes it simple to carry and store the product in small spaces.

Easy to clean

Nova NSG 2436 sandwich maker is easy to clean. The non-stick plates and the smooth surface make this possible.

Hinge lock

With the hinge lock, you will be able to open the lid at any angle that you feel convenient. This will also prevent the lid from falling, which can cause damage.

What We Don’t Like

The overall quality of the toaster body needs to be improved.


Nova NSG 2436 sandwich maker will be an excellent addition to your kitchen. The device exterior is made of heat resistant material, which makes the product safe for you. Its handle makes the use of the device easy and convenient. The product’s price is reasonable; hence you can expect some savings when you go with this model.

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