Russell Hobbs 18023 Sandwich Toaster Review

Russell Hobbs is dedicated to making our daily life simpler. The company manufactures a variety of products, including personal care products, kitchenware, heating appliances, and cooking appliances besides others.

Russell Hobbs 18023 sandwich toaster is available in black color. With non-stick plates, you will have a convenient cooking experience. The ergonomic handle makes it comfortable for you when carrying the sandwich maker.


Light indicators

This appliance has a light indicator that shows the status of the device. The red indicator will help you know whether the machine is switched ON or not. The green light indicator will show whether the plates are heated, and the appliance is ready for use.

Cool-touch handle

Russell Hobbs 18023 comes with a cool-touch handle, which makes it convenient for you when operating the product. With a cool handle, your fingers will be safe and free from being burnt. The handle has a lock which is used to lock the lid. When locked, your sandwich will cook evenly.

Compact design

With its compact design, you will be able to store this appliance in small spaces. It can also be stored in an upright position; hence you will save more space.

Power rating

This appliance operates at 1400 watts. The appliance plates will be heated quickly, making it convenient when cooking your sandwich.

Non-stick coating on plates

Russell Hobbs 18023 sandwich maker comes with plates that are coated with a non-stick substance. Your sandwich will be free from sticking to the plate’s surface, which will make cleaning easier. With a non-stick plate’s surface, you will use less to make your sandwich.

Non-skid legs

The non-skid rubber feet make the appliance remain stable while using it.

Operation Voltage

The operational voltage of this device is 240 volts.

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What Do We like

Stainless steel finish

The appliance has a stainless steel cover, which makes this appliance stylish.

Cool-touch body

Russell Hobbs 18023 body is made using a heat resistant material, making it remain cool while in use hence safe for you.


This sandwich maker weighs about 2.14 kilograms making it portable.

Spacious plates

The plates of this sandwich maker can hold four slices comfortably. The plates can cut and seal the sandwich.

Power cord

The power cord of this sandwich maker is flexible and well insulated to prevent electrical hazards.

What We Don’t Like

When fully closed, the plates press the sandwiches too much.


Russell Hobbs 18023 sandwich maker has a cool-touch handle and body, which makes it safer. You will be able to carry your sandwich maker comfortably with the help of its ergonomic handle. The light indicator will help you know the status of the product whether the power supply is ON and whether it is ready to be used.s

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