Russell Hobbs RST750M3 Sandwich Maker Review

Russell Hobbs is among the leading brands in design & technology. The brand makes various products, including electric kettles, coffee makers, toasters, microwave ovens, sandwich makers, and more others. The company is dedicated to manufacturing products, which makes life easy and enjoyable.

Russell Hobbs RST750M3 sandwich maker is available in black with a stainless steel cover on the top. The appliance has an ergonomic handle, which makes carrying the device easier.


Light indicator

Russell Hobbs RST750M3 sandwich maker comes with light indicators, which will allow you to know the state of your appliance without any difficulty. The red light indicator shows that the device is switched ON, and the green light indicator shows whether the plates are heated and ready for cooking.

Cool-touch handle

This appliance has a cool-touch handle, which makes it convenient for use. The handle will have your fingers free heat injuries. The handle has a lock, which locks the top cover for even cooking of your sandwich.

Thermostat control

With a thermostat, the appliance heat is regulated automatically. This will reduce the chance of overcooking your sandwich.

Non-stick coating

This appliance comes with non-stick. You will be able to cook your sandwich in the most hassle-free way as it will not get stuck to the plate’s surface. Also, with non-stick plates, you will use less cooking oil when preparing your sandwich.


This appliance can perform three functions. It comes with three detachable plates, which are toast, waffle, and grill. You will be able to make the snack of your choice at any time. The plates can be easily changed.

Rubber feet

The appliance comes with non-slip rubber feet, and this makes your device very stable while in use.

Stainless steel cover

The appliance has a stainless steel cover, which makes it attractive.

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What Do We like


This appliance has a manufacturer warranty of two years, which begins from the date of purchase.

Compact design

This sandwich maker has a compact design making it possible to store them in small spaces within your kitchen. The appliance can also be stored vertically so that it occupies less space.


The appliance weighs 2.35 Kilograms, and one can comfortably carry it.

Power rating

The power rating is 750 watts. This will heat the plates quickly. The appliance uses less power; hence you will be able to save more money on the electrical bills.

Cool-touch body

The body of this sandwich maker is made using heat resistant material and it will stay cool for your safety.

What We Don’t Like

The overall quality of the product is not good.


Russell Hobbs RST750M3 sandwich maker comes with non-stick plates; hence they are convenient for you while preparing the sandwich. With three detachable plates, you will be able to make the snack of your choice. This sandwich maker is simple to use, and for further guidance, a user guide is provided.

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