Glen GL3026 Grill Toaster Review

Glen appliance limited is among the major companies which deal with home appliances. The company is located in India and is dedicated to giving quality products to its clients. The company makes various home appliances which include cooktops, chimneys, cooking appliances, small home appliances, etc

Glen GL3026 grill toaster is one of the best products from Glen appliances. The product has a thermostat for even grilling. A cool-touch handle will prevent your fingers from being burnt.


Non-stick coating on plates

The plates of this sandwich maker have a non-stick coating. Non-sticky plates are also simple to clean. With non-stick plates, you will have an oil-free healthy sandwich. The coating substance is free from any toxic compound (LEAD and BPA); hence your sandwich is safe for consumption.

Compact design

This product has a measurement size of 24cm by 12cm by 26 cm. This makes it have a compact design, and it is possible to be stored in small spaces. The product can also be stored in vertical stacking, which will take less space.


This product has a power rating of 700 watts. Glen GL3026 grill toaster consumes less power; hence your electric bill will be little.


This product operates with a voltage which ranges from 210 volts to 250 volts.

Thermostat control

This sandwich maker has a thermostat control feature, which helps in controlling heat for even grilling and prevents the sandwich from burning.

Cool-touch handle

This sandwich maker comes with a cool-touch handle, which gives you comfort when operating this sandwich maker. The handle is made using a heat resistant material, making it cool to touch and hence safe. This handle has a lock press system, which will help in holding heat inside your plates for proper and even cooking of your sandwich.

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What Do We like


This product comes with a warranty of one year.

Light indicator

Glen GL3026 grill toaster has green and red light indicators. The red light indicates the presence of power, in which green light indicates that the sandwich maker is ready to be used.


The product weighs about 1.2 kilograms; therefore, it can be comfortably carried from place to place.

Simple to use

This product is easier to operate, and in case of difficulty, one can easily refer to the provided user guide.

Anti-skid feet

With anti-slip legs, Glen GL3026 grill toaster will be free from falling from the countertop.

Power cord

This product has a power cord, which will give you more flexibility when using this product.

What We Don’t Like

Small in size

This product will allow you to make just one sandwich at a time


Glen GL3026 grill toaster is simple to work with, and it has more amazing features. Cool-touch handle and the press lock system will safeguard your hands. The non-stick coating makes it convenient for you when you will be cleaning plates. The lighting system is an added advantage that will let you know the heating status of your product.

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