Glen 7016 Halogen Room Heater Review

Glen manufactures appliances that enhance the consumer experience. Devices made by this brand are innovative, and they come with excellent features. Products from Glen are safe for use, and they are ISI certified.

Glen 7016 Halogen Room Heater uses halogen tubes. The appliance has a stable stand. It also comes with a handle that makes it easy to carry the device. The wide-angle oscillation feature distributes the heat evenly across the room.


Power rating

This appliance operates with a power of 1200 watts. This will make sure that enough heat is generated for the whole room. The device has a motor with a copper winding that offers 2400 RPM to deliver the best heating results.

Voltage operational

The appliance requires 220-240 volts for it to operate efficiently.

Heat setting

This heater has three heat settings with different power output i.e., cold (400 watts), warm (800 watts), and hot (1200 watts). You will be able to control the heat level depending on your requirements.


This appliance measures 465mm x 170mm x 680mm. The compact design allows you to store the appliance in a small space.

Wide-angle oscillation

The wide-angle oscillation ensures multidirectional heating.


This room heater is suitable for use in small and medium rooms.

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What Do We like

Ergonomic handle

This appliance has an ergonomic handle, which makes it simple and easy to carry the heater from one room to the other.

Long power cord

The power cord is 1.18 meters long. The cable is well insulated to prevent any electrical hazards.

Tip-over protection

This appliance has an in-built safety tip-over button, which will shut off the device if it gets hit or if it is lifted or it is not touching the ground.


This appliance has a warranty of 1 year


The mesh protects the heating tube. The mesh is also detachable to allow you to replace the tube effectively.


This appliance produces less noise when in operation hence no distraction caused.


It comes with a circular stand that holds your appliance stably.

No foul smell

This appliance has no foul smell, unlike some of the heaters.


This appliance is lightweight; hence you will be able to carry it from room to room.

3 tubes

There are three tubes that make the device effective and reliable.

What We Don’t Like

The overall quality needs to be improved


Glen 7016 halogen room heater operates with the use of powerful halogen tubes. The mesh protects the tubes from accidental breakage. Tip-over protection also adds to the safety factor. With the three heat settings, you will be able to choose the required setting based on your heat requirements.

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