Glen 7020 Room Fan Heater Review

Glen manufactures modern home appliances that are of the best quality. Glen offers the best combination of aesthetics & performance. Their products are also durable hence serve you for long. The brand manufactures air fryers, bread makers, and room heaters besides others.

Glen Room Fan Heater 7020 is available in black & grey. The appliance has a twin-turbo design, and you can feel the effect of the heater in the entire room. This appliance is also ISI certified; hence it is safe for use.


Power rating

This appliance operates with a power rating of 2000 watts. This appliance is energy efficient, and it gives instant heating. This appliance requires a 10 amps power plug.

Ergonomic handle

Glen Room Fan Heater 7020 has an ergonomic handle, which will allow you to carry the appliance easily to any room you like. The handle is made with heat resistant material, which makes it cool hence safe for you.

Heat setting

This room heater has two adjustable heat settings. You will be able to change the heat that you need using the adjustable temperature control. The device could be set to operate at 1000W or 2000W.

Safety thermal cut-off feature

This appliance has a safety heat cut off feature, which will switch off the device in case it overheats. This will prevent the appliance from being damaged. It also helps in preventing fire or electrical accidents.

Front grill

This appliance has a front grill, which acts as a protective feature.


The appliance has an integrated stand, which gives stability to the device.

Twin-turbo design

This appliance has a twin-turbo design, which increases the coverage area of the fan.

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What Do We like


This appliance has a warranty for one year

Power cord

This room heater has a power cord that has a length of 1.10 meters. This makes the appliance flexible. The cable is well coated to prevent electrical hazards.

Simple to use

This appliance is easy to use. All the controls are labeled clearly, making it easier for use.


It’s compact, and lightweight design makes this appliance very portable.


This appliance is very competitively priced.


This is a very durable device that lasts for long.

What We Don’t Like


This appliance is noisy while in use.


Glen Room Fan Heater 7020 has two heat settings; hence you can comfortably choose your preferred heat setting. With a twin-turbo design, the whole room will experience the warm air fast. With a convenient handle, you will be able to easily move the device around from one room to the other.

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