Glen Quartz 7019 Heater Review

Glen manufactures chimneys, cooking range, cooktops, small appliances, and built-in hobs. Products from Glen are of the best quality; hence they deliver on their promises.

Glen Quartz Heater 7019 is among one of the most popular room heaters from this brand. The appliance has a power rating of 800 watts for efficient performance. It has two heat settings from which you can choose. The Indian Standards Institute has certified this appliance.


Power rating

This heater has a power rating of 800 watts. This will help in heating your room instantly.

Heat setting

This room heater has 2 heat settings, which include low and high. The low setting operates with a power of 400 watts while the high setting operates with a power rating of 800 watts. You will be able to set heat depending on your requirements.

Powder-coated finish

The appliance has a powder-coated finish, which prevents corrosion. This makes the device durable.

5-gloss reflector

This room heater comes with a best-quality 5-gloss reflector, which increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the heater.

Power plug

It comes with a 10 amps plug.

Carry handle

With a carry handle, you will be able to carry it to any place easily.

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What Do We like

Energy Efficient

It is an energy-efficient device; hence you will have low electricity bills to pay.

Safety tip-over protection

With its safety tip-over protection feature, your room heater will switch off the moment it falls, or the base doesn’t touch the ground.

Long power cord

The power cord is 1.5 meters long. This adds to the flexibility factor while using the device. The cable is well insulated, which will significantly reduce the chances of electrical hazards.


This room heater has a manufacturer’s warranty of one year.

Simple to use

This appliance is easy to operate. The buttons are well labeled for convenience.

Cord storage

The appliance power-cord can be comfortably mounted to the hooks located at the rear of the room heater for storage.

Compact design

With a compact design, you will be able to store the appliance even in small spaces.


Glen quartz heater 7019 weighs 2.35 Kilograms. Appliance with this weight could be carried easily to any desired place.


This appliance does not produce any noise while in use, as there are no moving parts or fan.

Mesh grill

This appliance has a mesh grill that houses all the elements inside for safety. The tube is easy to replace.

Easy tube replacement

The heating tube can be easily replaced in case it needs to be replaced after some time.

What We Don’t Like

Not suitable for a large room.


Glen Quartz Heater 7019 is energy efficient, and it heats your room instantly. Two heat settings to choose from based on your heating needs. The appliance is simple to operate. It is safe, and it has a safety tip-over protection, which will cut off the power supply the moment the device tilts.

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