Powermax Fitness UrbanTrek TD M3 Review

The only way to stay youthful is not only with a rejuvenating skin but also with a perfect physique. This calls the need for walking and running every day, and hence it requires going out. But if you are not willing to go out every single day and get such trained physique at the convenience of your home, then the treadmill is the only great choice.

With the many features, these days the treadmill provides with endless opportunity to reduce your weight and return to your youthful physique. One such popular name in the market that is known for its features and is facing tremendous demand is the Powermax Fitness UrbanTrek TD M3. This amazing looking modern treadmill is known for its performance and multi features. 

This new motorizes treadmill will help to unleash your passion and bring back your youth. With a space saving and arc design, it machine does not resemble like those of normal treadmills, but it seems like a racing running boats. When folded, the treadmill requires even less than 0.5sqm.

This is an ideal machine for comfortable jogging and aerobic walking. With a powerful 2.0 HP motor and 12kmph of top speed, this machine tends to become a perfect inclusion for the fitness buffs.

Not only the performance of this treadmill is worth the price, but also it has an out of the box design. With many features, this treadmill has become a favorite for many people including the trainers as well. So let us find out the major specifications of this treadmill.

Product Specification

There are a whole lot of features that can be found in this treadmill. Not only this treadmill has been provided with a newer and unique look, but also its many features differentiate it from others. Let us have a look at some of the essential features


This new treadmill can take weight but has been designed in a way to keep it extremely lightweight. This machine weighs around 52kgs and comes with wheels that ensure easy transportation and less storage space. This means you do not have to seek help from others when it comes to moving from one place to another.

Heart Rate monitoring:

We know how important heart rate monitoring is when it comes to exercising. This treadmill comes with a heart sensor which is placed on the handrails to measure accurate heart rate. Since t is important to maintain good heart health, keeping a track is the first necessary step.

Shock Absorption:

There is no doubt that the treadmill is designed in a way to make it compact. It has a great running surface, and therefore one can seamlessly train their body to get into an ideal shape. To make it even safer for the users, it has been designed with Dual SoftFlex Spring Suspension. The presence of this on each side reduces the impact on joints to a much greater extent of 25% compared to the pavement and roads.

3 Uphill Modes:

The manufacturers have in mind about the requirement of the serious trainees. Uphill modes or incline levels are necessary and which is why the treadmill is equipped with three incline levels. The more you make incline running, the less time you need to get into a proper shape.


All you need is just to roll and fold. Once you are done exercising, all you need is to fold and keep it in some corner. You have different options for storage, either you will keep it flat or in a standing position while storing. With such storage options, you can easily store underneath your bed or against a wall in vertical positioning.

47.2” x 16.5” Running Track:

The treadmill has a great running area of 47.2” x 16.5” which means you get a huge running area. Hence irrespective of whether you are tall or short or wide, the running surface is wide and lengthy enough to ensure a comfortable running session.

2.0 HP Motor:

This new TD-M3 has been engineered with a 2.0 HP motor. The DC LUNAR motor is the leader of durability and quality and which is why it becomes a great inclusion. The AAA grade components and HiTorque’s precision engineering offer 2.0 HP to aid you in attaining your fitness goals.

12 Preset Programs:

In order make it challenging for the users, the treadmill is designed with 12 preset programs. Irrespective of following your fitness routine, you always have the freedom to change your daily routine and opt for the preset programs. This makes sure that your body is fit and getting accustomed differently. Hanging the routine also becomes a help in accomplishing your fitness goals faster than you can think.

Semi-Auto Lubrication:

Keeping a track in your treadmill lubrication and adding it frequently can become a hectic task for people. With the Semi-Auto Lubrication feature of the treadmill, you can get rid of the maintenance job. All you need is to press a button, and it will do its job on its own. Proper lubrication is a necessity as it makes sure of smooth movement and zeroes friction. Moreover, it improves the life of the motor to a greater extent.

100kgs Max User Capacity:

The maximum user capacity of weight is 100kgs and which is quite impressive. It becomes an excellent choice for your family. Even when it can take 100kgs of weight, it is always recommended by the manufacturer to keep 25kgs as a buffer while running. Since we tend to put more pressure while running, keeping the buffer ensures to wear and tear along with its longevity.


This treadmill comes with a great LED display. This becomes great for the users as one can be able to observe everything happening that is happening in their body from the display. You can find the speed, pulse, time, distance, heartbeat and step-count. While running when you can see what you are accomplishing, it becomes motivating and inspiring.

1 – 12 kmph speed:

The treadmill is made for runners and people who want to acquire a great physique within less time. This machine has been engineered with a great running area and can get a speed of 1 to 12 km/h. This means this machine is great for both trainees and runners.


Making exercising easier and inspiring for you, the treadmill has been integrated with different technologies. For Android phone, mobile apps are there, and iOS can be connected via Bluetooth. It also has a USB port to Bluetooth music and charging.

3D Touch Panel:

The display panel is very modern and attractive. It has LED lights with 3D touch. The display shows calories burned, mileage, speed, exercise duration, etc.

Let us have a look at the features in brief:

Motor2.0 HP
Max User Capacity100kgs
Speed1.0 – 12 km/h
Preset Programs12 preset programs with three target based modes and three customizable workout
Running Surface47.2 x 16.5 inches
InclineThree levels of manual incline
DisplayWide showing speed, distance, calories, heartbeat, pulse, step count and time
ConnectivityUSB and Bluetooth Music
Touch KeysYes
Heart Rate MonitoringYes, On handrails
LubricationAuto in touch of a button
WarrantyThree years for the motor, one year for the parts and lifetime for the frame
Shock AbsorptionDual SoftFlex Spring Suspension reducing 25% of the joint damage

What We Like

  • No Installation required: We were amazed to see that this treadmill even when stuffed with tonnes of features, requires no installation. All you have to do is to unbox the product, and you are ready to do your job. No experts need to be called for installation.
  • Amazing look: Unlike the other treadmills have almost the same look; this is a completely new and unique invention when it comes to its design and looks. You can find all the treadmill on the other sides and this one on another as per the looks. It is more of a boat structure with perfect features for a great workout session.
  • Great walking area: Undoubtedly the treadmill has a great walking area. We tried even the taller people, and they found it perfectly comfortable to run. Its perfect engineering is what makes it different from the others.
  • Easy to handle: Being one of the high-end treadmills, you might be thinking that seniors will not be able to handle this treadmill maybe because of its high-end functionalities. Well, it is definitely not the case here as the treadmill is very easy to handle and can be used by everyone.
  • Inbuilt programs are advantageous: Of course, we love the features, but the inbuilt programs are a great plus point. You can choose the programs as per your fitness needs and accomplish your daily goals.
  • Do not make Noise: This treadmill is perfect for home use as even when you run on inclines and top speed, you will not find the treadmill making any noise. Except the stepping of your feet, you won’t find any noise. Hence, you can keep exercising without disturbing your neighbours.
  • Compact: Keeping in mind regarding the space limitation, this treadmill has been designed in a compact form. It can be easily folded and has the freedom to store wither in a vertical or horizontal position. Being provided with wheels, this treadmill becomes excellent for the trainees and ideal for home use.

What We Don’t Like

  • Well, we definitely failed to find any drawbacks about this treadmill.


This treadmill is surely a great inclusion for the home users who are ready to pay more than INR 60000. With almost all the necessary aspects being provided in the treadmill, you can easily accomplish your fitness goals without even going out. Not only this is compact and stylish, but also its performance is what makes t different from others in the crowd.

So choose it and get ready to find your youthful physique at the convenience of your home.


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