Powermax Fitness UrbanTrek TD A3 Premium Model Review

Check out the Powermax Fitness UrbanTrek TD A3 Premium Treadmill if you are in search of a durable treadmill with advanced features. We have provided an in-depth review of this model.

When it comes to looking good and staying in shape, exercise is one thing that needs to be there in your daily routine. Most of the people opt for going to the gym, and others go running outside. But when it comes to moving out, people tend to feel extremely lethargic and, as a result skipping the exercise classes. This is the reason why you need to find out the best substitute that can help you keep motivated and never skip any daily exercising routine.

When we talk about finding the right exercising tool for your daily exercise, nothing than a treadmill can become its true substitute. This single tool can help you exercise like a gym or running outside.

A treadmill has a lot of variation and no doubt that the market has full of it. From the many in the list, the new Powermax Fitness UrbanTrek TD A3 Premium Model from the family of Powermax has an amazing ability. This new model has been packed with some of the efficient features along with a lightweight design, which makes it a traditional machine with new features.

It ensures taking less storage space as this machine can be folded. If you want to lose weight, this machine can offer tremendous results. Blending modern technology into the traditional design, these few treadmills have features that can make exercise hassle-free, quick and convenient.

With the many features that are required by the users, this treadmill has become a great choice. Its features are the prime reason that makes this treadmill an ideal inclusion in your home.

Product Features

A treadmill is known for its features and durability. Making sure that the users get satisfied with the quality, this treadmill has been designed in the best ways, equipped with the top features and included with all the advanced and modern technology. Let us have a look at the many features included in this machine.

Plug & Run:

One of the best things about this treadmill is that it comes completely pre-assembled. You don’t have to make any additional assembly. You just have to take it out from the carton, place it, plug it and start running.

2.5HP Motor:

The new UnderTrek TD-A3 has been equipped with a 2.5HP of the motor that ensures offering great service to the users. The HiTorque DC LAMMER motor is the leading name in the industry that ensures keep on moving continuously irrespective of the intensity of your exercise. Even if you are doing a standard exercise or running at high speed, the treadmill will be able to take it seamlessly.

12 Level of Auto incline:

As we all know, the result is much better when you do uphill running than running of plain land. This is the reason why this new UrbanTrek has been equipped with 12 levels of auto incline. Hence, this treadmill will be easily able to detect your body condition and keep putting you on a new level of challenge. Inclines are challenging, and the more you work out, your body gets accustomed to it and requires new problems that are fully managed by the machine itself.


This new treadmill comes with a powerful display. The IMD Technology with 135-degree edge display that shows the calories burnt, distance covered, time spent, speed and heart rate, you get complete information about your internal condition.

120kgs of Max User Weight:

This new treadmill can become a valuable inclusion of people especially those who have a full-on healthy family. Having a capacity to carry weight up to 120kgs, this treadmill serves the best for its purpose. However, this is always recommended by the manufacturers to keep 20kgs as a buffer when you are exercising at high speed.

1 – 14km/h of Speed:

Making it apt for both pro-level runners and beginners, this treadmill has a speed limit starting from 1 to 14 km per hour which is simply a great range.  If you are at the pro level, you can start from a higher speed level and if you are a beginner, start running from the least speed range.

8 Preset Programs:

To bring new challenges, the treadmill has been designed with inbuilt challenges. Not only its incline and speed but also its eight preset programs, three target based modes and three custom programs make exercise amazing and challenging for you. You can set your target and accomplish your goals much faster than usual.  

PowerFlex Adaptive Cushioning:

Even when we hardly pay attention to it, but this is one of the most important noticeable aspects of a treadmill. This makes sure that your joints get lesser damage. With the  PowerFlex Adaptive Cushioning, you can stay assured that the impact will be 25% lesser even when you run on the top speed and hard incline angle.

51.1 x 18.9 Inches of Running Surface:

Making the treadmill apt for everyone, this machine has become the right choice for people of all sizes. With a great running surface of 51.1 x 18.9 inches, you can find a huge space for running. Even if you have longer strides, it is much wider and longer for safer and comfortable running.


As we all know that PowerMax is a renowned brand in the world of the treadmill, and as usual, this treadmill comes with a huge warranty. With a lifetime warranty on the frame, one year on the parts and four years on the motor, you can stay assured that you are placing the safest bet.

Safety Key:

If you have young people and seniors in your family who loves to live a healthy life as well, you will probably be very thankful to this manufacturer as this treadmill has been included with a safety key. Hence the auto stop functioning protects you from any damage.

All you need is to attach the clip on your cloth and keep exercising. In case of any abnormalities observed by the treadmill, the running belt will stop immediately and thereby can safe from further damage.

Let us check the features in brief:

Incline12 levels of auto inclines
DisplayIMD technology with distance, speed, calories, time and heart rate
Max User Weight120kgs
Speed1.0 – 14.0km/h
Preset ProgramsEight preset programs, three target based modes, and three custom programs
Running surface51.1 x 18.9 inches
WarrantyOne year on parts, four years on motor and lifetime warranty
AssemblyNo need for expert assembly
Shock AbsorptionPowerFlex Adaptive Cushioning System
Heart RateYes, on handlebars
Tablet HolderYes
PortableYes with wheels for transportation
Treadmill Weight57kgs
Auto StopYes
RollersSteel crowned rollers

What Do We like


Even when this is a high-end machine made for the pro level trainees, we primarily thought, it will be huge. But we were simply stunned to find that even when the treadmill has been included with most of the efficient features, it is extremely very compact. It can become apt for small apartments as well.

Great Performance 

The new UrbanTrek is known for its performance. Even when the top speed is high and so as the incline levels, it still has an unimaginable performance. We were mesmerized by its performance. Bang on performance.


Even after having all the features in this treadmill, this machine has been designed in a user-friendly manner that people of all ages can use this treadmill with ease. You don’t need any added manual, as it’s easy to understand.

Sturdy and Robust 

When we tried running on top speed, usually, other treadmills will start wobbling. But we found this treadmill stood firm and did not make any wobbling. It’s extremely comfortable to run at top speed and attain different incline degrees because of its robust built.

Great Inbuilt programs 

This treadmill has different programs that are built for different users. Once you chose one mode, you will be provided with different challenges, and once you overcome it, you can go for higher levels. This will make exercising more fun and challenging.

Makes almost no noise 

This treadmill is great for home use as it makes no noise. When you walk, it’s completely silent, but while you run on a higher speed, it might make a bit sound. This is not audible out of the room; if you play music while running, probably there will be no noise of the treadmill.


The manufacturer made it very clear that they not only make you beautiful with this high-end treadmill but also will try to design a stylish treadmill. Whether it is the color or the design of the treadmill, it’s very stylish and chic even for the modern house interiors.

Comes with a media holder 

In the tech world, we need our phones probably everywhere. Keeping this requirement in mind, this treadmill has been packed with a media holder as well. Reachable and convenient media holder becomes a perfect inclusion.

Very easy to fold 

As we have seen that most of the treadmill available in the market in today’s date comes with folding ability. Similarly, this new treadmill did not go out of the league, instead, become a leader as it is not only easily foldable but also can be stored both vertically and horizontally.

What We Don’t Like

No negative points observed so far.


Powermax Fitness UrbanTrek TD A3 Premium Model is a perfect inclusion for your family. If you love to stay in shape and stay healthy throughout, you need something that is truly efficient. Having auto incline, appreciable top speed, robustly built, and almost all the features that are required to stay healthy, this new treadmill added in the family is worth the price. You will not regret buying this treadmill, especially if you love to keep fit and healthy.

So just place your order today and start exercising to ensure a fit and healthy life.


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