Powermax Fitness TDA-230 Review

Powermax Fitness is a leading manufacturing brand of treadmills. Here we have provided the detailed features, pros and cons of the Powermax Fitness TDA-230 Treadmill.

When staying fit is your primary lookout, all you need is to find ways to stay fit. You must be going out for running every single day without a day off. Right? If no, then you need to find a way put into staying fit and healthy. And what can be better than buying a home based motorized treadmill that offers similar results like that of a gym and running outside? With the many options available in the market and at a range of prices, choosing one that can offer desired results prove to be a great choice.

Powermax Fitness TDA-230 is one of the latest fitness equipment in the market. Whether you are looking for a treadmill that you want to install in your home and office, this is an ideal choice for you. No longer with one such advanced beast in your home, you need to compromise with a great workout session. This all-new machine by Powermax is known to have sufficed the needs of the fitness trainers.

This advanced treadmill is equipped with a 2.0 HP motor which ensures a smooth ride even while doing the intense exercises at the top speed. The many other new-age attractive features like a giant LCD to keep a track on the fat burnt, distance covered, time and much more are also integrated into the treadmill. Its performance is one of the prime reasons that have attracted several customers to this specific model of this brand. The 15 levels of auto incline degrees and with 14 km/h speed range it can serve the needs of the runners.

This is an ideal equipment for a daily workout.  Even though it is available in the right size, this treadmill has folding technology for saving space in your apartment. These high-end folding treadmills are designed keeping in mind about the home users and a compact apartment. So do not daydream anymore as this treadmill can train you to stay fit and healthy at your home convenience.

There is no doubt that the treadmill is integrated with a lot of features. So let us dig into its details and find out the many features that come with this new model of Powermax.

Product Specifications:

This particular treadmill is stuffed with a whole lot of valuable features in it that become great for fitness lovers. You can choose whatever you wish to and start exercise for a fit and healthy living. So here are the main features.

5” of LCD Display:

No matter how many days or months or years you are exercising, you will always want to know what exactly is happening inside your body. This doesn’t mean you need to check with a doctor, as this treadmill has a huge display where you can find everything happening inside your body, starting from your heart rate to the calories burnt and much more.

Furthermore, you can check the distance covered, incline angles, speed, and time. When you keep track and find a positive result, it works as a motivation for people and provides the zeal to go for more.

2.0 HP Motor:

When you are buying a motorised treadmill, you definitely would like to go for some of the intense workouts. This requires a powerful motor of 2.0 HP, which can ensure intense workout without putting any pause to it. With such a great motor speed, one can ensure a smooth ride and great performance.

12 Pre Set Programs:

The treadmill comes with 12 predefined programs which are great for fitness lovers. You will be given different sets of challenges with these programs and upon qualifying; you will be taken to the next program. Also, with the FAT function, you will get the freedom to count the BMI and track the condition of your body.

Moreover, the target based modes enable you to set tome, calories you want to burn and distance you have to cover. This way you can accomplish your goals much easier.

115 Kg of Max User Capacity:

This is one of those very few treadmills that have such a huge user capacity range. When the maximum user capacity is mentioned as 115kg, it is recommended that the user should have a max weight of 90kgs. 25kg is kept as a buffer while running. Since while intense exercises, your body tends to put more pressure on the ground, 90kg is the recommended weight.

49.6” x 16.5” of Running Surface:

Whether it is for running or jogging, you will always look for a safe ride. Since while running at a faster pace, the strides tend to get higher, availing a long and wider deck size tends to be a great choice.  Keeping everything in mind, this treadmill has been designed with a huge track of 49.6” x 16.5”, which becomes excellent even for the runners.

Heart Rate Sensors:

There is always a need to provide a heart rate sensor in order to find out whether your heart is behaving normally while doing the intense workouts. This is the reason why the sensor is provided on the handrails. Upon placing your palm or holding the handle grip, you can easily observe your heart rate. Moreover, with the easy accessible Speed Up and down and start and stop buttons, you can control the treadmill seamlessly.

Great Shock Absorption:

This treadmill comes with the “ComfortTech 6-Point Damping System,” which ensures great shock absorption, unmatched support and easy landing. Along with this, the Dual Spring reduces the stress on the ankles, hips and knees. The design is made, keeping in mind to accomplish your fitness goals without injuring your joints.

Anti-Skid Running Belt:

The treadmill is equipped with a multilayered belt of 1.8mm thickness made of polyester satin. This reduces the shock to a massive extent, and the PVC surface tends to become a great choice when it comes to durability, safety and comfort. The 6 Ply running board and cast steel resistance offer a bouncy surface to lessen joint impact and conserve energy for another great workout session.

Semi-Auto Lubrication:

No more you need to keep on adding the lubrication oil. Since the treadmill comes with the semi-auto lubrication system, it simplifies the maintenance job and ensures a better workout. All you need is, and the lubrication will start on its own. Since proper lubrication is the key to smooth functionality and zero fiction, this ensures more longevity of the belt and motor.

Hydraulic Softdrop System: 

This HSS system makes folding and unfolding of the treadmill very easy.  All you need to do is simply kick the yellow color tube and lower the treadmill. The HSS bears the weight of the treadmill when it is lowered or lifted.

Let Us Have A Brief Look On Its Features:

Motor 2.0HP Efficient Motor
Preset Programs12 with 3 target based modes
Incline Degrees15 levels of auto incline
Top Speed14 km/h
Running Deck49.6” x 16.5.”
Display5 inches of Bright Blue Display
Maximum Weight115 kg
Shock AbsorptionDual Spring for shock absorption
Speakers Yes
AUX/USB ConnectionYes
LubricationSemi-Auto Lubrication system
Running BeltMultilayered belt of 1.8mm thickness made of polyester satin
Console FunctionsSpeed, Incline, Time, Distance, Calories and Heart Rate
Special KeysIncline and Speed
Foldable Yes
Auto StopYes

What Do We Like

  • Safety Shock Absorption Spring:

This treadmill is provided with a great shock absorption spring. The prime focus is to make the workout even safer, comfortable and improve the longevity of the machine. Such springs will increase the safety performance by 30 percent and comfort by 20 percent. This becomes great for the runners and reduces the chances of joints pains.

  • Auto Stop Functionality:

The Powermax Fitness TDA-230 treadmill comes with the auto-stop functionality. This is a great addition by the manufacturers as it ensures the safety of the users. Just by attaching the clip with the clothes you are wearing, the machine will stop once it detects any improper activities like drifting or falling back. It reduces the risk to a much greater extent.

  • Great Incline and Speed control:

Since both incline and speed are the two most significant features for any runners or joggers, the treadmill has perfectly justified it. The treadmill with superb speed and incline control which means you can carry on running or jogging along with easy control both the incline and speed.

  • Sturdy Mainframe:

This treadmill is designed with a steel mainframe to provide a good and solid look. While working out, you can feel the security and stay assured of enjoying a comfortable workout session. Moreover, it does not corrode because of its exceptional quality.

  • Energy Saving Motor:

This treadmill comes with a great motor with the copper core 99%. It consumes much lesser energy when compared to other treadmills at this price point. Also, the equipment has the ability to absorb noise within 68DB. It is very quiet even while running at top speed.

What We Don’t Like

  • Speaker Should Be Better:

Providing with speakers is definitely a positive point, but the quality was expected to be better than this one. At such a price, the expectations are much more from such a brand.

  • Small rear wheels:

Undoubtedly, when said for home use, there is always a need for having good wheels both on the front and the rear portion of the treadmill. Unfortunately, the rear wheels are much smaller and therefore, one needs to be very attentive while transporting.


The Powermax Fitness TDA-230 is definitely a value for money. This high-end advanced treadmill available at above INR 50000 can serve the best for your purpose. Apart from just a few, most of its features are given either for user safety or comfort. This treadmill can be easily used for running, walking and jogging. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this treadmill can undeniably fulfill your needs.

So, don’t wait and stay fit throughout with the new sturdy Powermax Fitness TDA-230.


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