Places in Your Home That Need Vacuuming Regularly

Vacuuming a home goes a long way in ensuring a clean and hygienic environment. It is a comprehensive cleanliness process that is not limited to vacuuming only carpets and hard floors.

Many places in our homes require regular vacuuming. However, we often neglect them and over time they become the pile of dust, dirt, allergens, germs, and other contaminants.

You may have limited time at your disposal for vacuuming activities; however, you can create a significant difference to your home aesthetics and hygiene by including these areas in your vacuuming schedule.

Let’s explore the places in our house that require regular vacuuming.

8 Places in your Home that need Regular Vacuuming


During vacuuming your house, you will find that the drawers are easy to miss. Although you may not consider them as our primary cleaning targets, they require regular vacuuming like your carpets. 

Drawers provide excellent storage utility, but they also build up dust and dirt quickly. The enclosed spaces inside the drawer need vacuuming whether you are using them regularly on a daily basis or rarely, once in a while.

The vacuuming of your drawers is also essential for the proper maintenance of the items that are stored in them. They remain closed most of the time; thus they develop stale smell and lead to allergies or breathing issues. 

The kitchen drawers in particular require more robust vacuuming as they contain food items and easily become a breeding ground for microbes like bacteria and cockroaches. 


The well-designed blinds play a vital role in enhancing the look and feel of your home. You simply can’t ignore them while vacuuming. What is more alarming is the fact that the blinds build up dust and dirt within no time.

As blinds are always positioned close to windows, the dust accumulated on them spreads throughout your home and pose risks of breathing and other respiratory problems.

Thus, you must vacuum your blinds and curtains regularly for keeping the elegant appearance and circulating the fresh & healthy air within your home. 


Keeping cleanliness in your bedroom is strictly non-negotiable.

You may be doing all the hard chores like washing your bedsheets, pillows, and mattresses regularly, but it is not sufficient to get rid of all the dust mites, dead skin cells, and other germs completely. 

Your mattresses are easily your major vacuuming targets for battling against the dirt, dust mites and microbes; and ensuring sound and hygienic sleep environment.

It is recommended to vacuum your mattresses using the upholstery attachment that provides deep cleaning within its crevices. 


The idea of vacuuming your broom might be a light-bulb moment for you. But it is very pragmatic to clean your cleaning tool. 

Your broom accumulates immense dust, dirt, hairs, fibers, germs, and microbes every day. Imagine cleaning your home with a filthy, and dirty broom that can spread the germs everywhere in your home while brooming.

You have a canister or bag in your vacuum cleaner that stores garbage and it can be emptied regularly. However, your broom has no such mechanism of completely getting rid of dust.  

Thus, vacuuming your broom is a novel idea of disinfecting it and makes it free from dust and dirt.

Underneath bed and furniture

The difficult to reach areas like underneath bed and furniture gets very dirty over time. The dust and dirt pile up quickly underneath them, which may cause allergy or respiratory problems.

These areas are not easily visible and hence escape our attention during cleanliness routine.

Clean underneath bed and furniture with a cordless vacuum cleaner that offers the flexibility of cleaning in areas that are beyond the reach of corded vacuum cleaners.


Your sofas may appear clean; however, they accumulate the dust within the crevices and other hidden areas.

As your sofas are used by many individuals on an everyday basis, you must vacuum it once every week.  

Clean the sofas using the various vacuum accessories that are designed to specifically clean the fabrics and difficult to access spaces of your sofas. 

Window sills

You would be traditionally cleaning your window sills using a dry cloth, and wiping it using a damped cloth.

However, vacuuming this area would provide efficient and effortless cleaning by removing all the dust, dirt, and allergens quickly.  

Speaker and keyboard

You may be used to cleaning your speakers and keyboard by dusting them regularly. However, it does not result in proper cleaning.

Dusting the surfaces of keyboard and speakers pushes the dust particles further inside their body and fails to remove the dirt that got stuck in the spaces.

The dust and dirt pose great risks for the proper functioning of the electronic devices. Thus, you must vacuum these devices using proper brush attachments for enhanced and precision cleaning.


Vacuuming every nook and corner of your home takes your cleanliness and sanitation to the next higher level. 

Using a vacuum cleaner and its appropriate accessories make it possible to clean the areas that are beyond the reach of conventional cleaning tools.

The regular vacuuming of the above places invariably offers wide-ranging and multifaceted cleaning all the time.

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