KAFF 75 cm 1180 m3/h Kitchen Chimney Review

Having a good kitchen chimney in your home will help you have cleaner air in your kitchen. We would like to introduce to you KAFF 75 cm 1180 m3/h Chimney; it is loaded with great features that you will surely love.

This particular chimney can actually remove impurities in the air as fast. Aside from that, the great design and the exciting features offer true value for your money.


Baffle Filter

This will filter out impurities in the air so that you can breathe cleaner air. It has a conical stainless steel filter.

Soft-Touch Buttons

It gives you the ability to adjust the controls of your chimney effortlessly.

Wall Mount Attachment

This allows you to mount the chimney easily on the wall.

Matt Black Finish

This chimney sports an attractive matt black finish.

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What Do We like

Auto Clean Feature

It will clean the interior of this kitchen chimney automatically so that you will have a more hygienic usage of this chimney and at the same time, it will save you a lot of time.

Wide Coverage

It has the capacity to cover a kitchen size of 50 cubic meters that has 2 to 4 burner stoves that are used for heavy frying and grilling.

Silent Operation

It only emits 58 decibels during usage, making it suitable even for use at night.

Strong Airflow

The 1180 m3/hr suction capacity is already enough to remove a lot of impurities in the air effectively and quickly.

Easy to Clean

You will not have a hard time cleaning this chimney because of its smooth surface and a wide opening.

Easy Installation

Installing this chimney is easy because it does not have any complex mechanisms.

Low Price

You will not have a hard time affording this chimney no matter what your financial capacity is.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

You will not need to do any hard maintenance on this chimney for it to function well, which will surely save you a lot of time and effort.

Outstanding Design

The stylish design that this chimney has will bring a sophisticated look to your kitchen.


The materials used in this chimney are all of high quality that is why the chimney will not deteriorate easily.

Easy to Use

It has a simple interface you will be able to use this chimney without having a hard time.


It has a 1-year warranty on the product and a 7-year warranty on the motor.

What We Don’t Like

There are no negative points found on this product.


This kitchen chimney has a lot of nice features such as baffle filter, auto clean feature, soft touch buttons, wall mount attachment, 1180 m3/hr suction capacity, etc. You will surely experience the best air quality in your kitchen with this chimney. You are bound enjoy excellent value for money when you invest in this chimney.

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