Kaff Viesta 60 cm Kitchen Chimney Review

When you hear the word Kaff, what comes into your mind? Probably the best home chimneys because it is a trusted brand that has been used by Indians to make sure that they will have the best ambience in their kitchen.

If you are looking for a reliable kitchen chimney, then Kaff is definitely good brand to consider. Introducing the Kaff Chimney VIESTA 60 cm Wall Mounted Chimney, it has all the functionalities that you will need to eliminate the impurities in the air in no time.


LED Lights

This feature will add up some good lighting to your kitchen so that you can perform your tasks much easier.

Soft Touch Control

This gives you the ability to change the chimney settings effortlessly.

Stainless-Steel Material

This will add up a lot of style and durability to the chimney because stainless-steel rust proof.

Aluminum Filters

These provide higher efficiency in the filtration of the air compared to other materials.

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What Do We like

Silent Operation

You will not hear any annoying noise while this chimney is in use because its round rating is only 57 decibels.


It does not consume too much space, which is perfect for kitchens with tight spaces as it is only 60 cm wide.

Reliable Airflow

This chimney has strong perimetrical suction power of  1180 m3/h that allows the chimney to filter deliver the best results.

Great Style

This chimney looks pretty cool with its 4-side glass panel, which will be a great addition to your kitchen to improve its appearance.


You can expect that this kitchen chimney last long because of the premium materials used in the manufacturing of this equipment.

Easy to Use

The simple interface that it has will allow you to use this kitchen chimney with ease.

Trouble-Free Installation

You can set this chimney up in just a few minutes because of its non-complex components.


It has a low price that will surely fit your budget.

No Maintenance Needed

You will not need to perform any strenuous maintenance on this chimney for it to function well, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Hassle-Free Cleaning

This chimney does not have any hard to reach areas that is why cleaning it will be super easy.

What We Don’t Like

There are no negative points found on this product.


This chimney has a couple of premium features that will surely provide you with the best experience. The features include LED lights, soft touch control, stainless-steel finish, aluminum filters, etc. It will give you all the functionalities that you need in order for you to enhance the air quality in your kitchen at a very affordable price.

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