Hindware Theo 60 1280 M3/h Glass Chimney Review

Frequently, every time we are in our kitchen, we used to have this uncomfortable feeling because of the unpleasant smell that is present. This is why a kitchen chimney must be present at all times. By having such a good appliance, you will surely have a great time cooking or staying in your dining area. It will make the quality of air on your kitchen much better.

So the next time you will cook or dine at your kitchen/dining area, you will have a premium feel that you truly deserve. With regard to that, we would like to introduce you to this Hindware Theo 60 Autoclean 1280 M3/h Glass Chimney. It has all the premium functionalities that you will need for enhancing the quality of air for a much healthier you while you are in the kitchen.


Motion Sensor Technology

This will allow the chimney to concentrate on the areas that need quality of air improvement.

Touch Control Panel

This makes the total control of the chimney really easy and quick.

1280 Suction

It allows you to enjoy sufficient power that will keep the air in your kitchen fresher than ever.


It ensures that it will minimize the presence of smoke while you are cooking so that you can breathe with ease and comfort.

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What Do We like


It will surely fit the budget of everyone because of its low price tag.

Easy to Use

Using this chimney will not give you any difficulties because it has a user-friendly interface.

Easy Maintenance

It will not give you a hard time when it comes to maintenance because it is not demanding when it comes to that.

Good Airflow

The decent airflow that this oven has will surely give you a better quality of air in your kitchen in no time.

Easy to Sanitize

You can sanitize this chimney easily because it has a smooth surface and wide tube that can be wiped off effortlessly when necessary.


This chimney is durable enough to last for extended periods of time because it is made of premium materials.

Quiet Motor

This chimney does not emit that much noise; that is why it is super desirable to use in all parts of the day.

Great Design

It has a nice-looking exterior that allows you to add some elegance to your kitchen.

Hassle-Free Installation

You will not have a hard time installing this chimney because of its easy to understand components.

What We Don’t Like

There are no negative points found on this product.


This chimney has a couple of useful features that you can truly enjoy, such as Motion Sensor Technology, Touch Control Panel, 1280 Suction, and Smoke-proof Feature. Those features will give you a better quality of air in no time.

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