Hindware Dishwasher Marco Review

Hindware is popular for its excellent product quality, sleek design and for their commitment to customers. They have been in the industry for more than 60 years. Starting from chimney to induction ovens to dishwasher, hindware manufactures it all. This hindware Marco is one of the best dishwashers available in the market right now.

The high capacity 12 place setting with LED display to select your wash programs. The interior is made of solid stainless steel that can sustain the heated cleaning. Half load function which will end up saving your water and electricity both. There are many more features in this dishwasher. Let’s discuss that in more detail.

LED display

This technologically advanced dishwasher is equipped with an LED display. You can control the wash programs or customize them easily from the screen. Also, the display is waterproof.

7 Pre-set wash programs

This dishwasher comes with 7 pre-set wash mode programs built-in. You can choose the wash programs according to the type of utensils you need to wash.


This is a unique feature of this machine. With this pre-rinse program, you can rinse the dishes and leave them to be washed later that day. The stain or dirt will come off easily this way.

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What Do We like

12 Place setting

This dishwasher comes with a 12 place setting, which is considered to be very high capacity. it is an ideal buy for a family of four. You can wash all the dishes of your family at once.


The common misconception people have that more water means better cleaning. Well, that might be the case when you are washing by your hands but in this appliance, a lesser quantity of water is needed for better and proper cleaning. Only 9 liters of water is enough for this dishwasher to function.

Half load function

If you go for a high-end dishwasher like this one you are likely to get this feature. If you do not have enough dirty dishes to full the load of the machine but also need to wash them right away, all you need to do is just put them into the washer and start the cleaning cycle. The machine will only work one side of it for cleaning and saves water and electricity. This does not mean that the utensils won’t be cleaned properly.

Rapid wash

This machine also offers you a feature called “Rapid wash”. This is a short wash that will consume less water and is suitable for lite cleaning. Dishes that are not so dirty can be washed using this feature.

What We Don’t Like


The noise that this machine makes while cleaning the dishes might not be so low. This can be stated as a major issue of this machinery. This is a high-end dishwasher where the noise is not supposed to be.


The appliance comes at a high price tag.


Hindware has never compromised its product quality in any aspect. This modern dishwasher has a great outer look as well as the multi-features. The electricity consumption is kept to a very minimal, intense washing mode is very effective and comes with a 2-year warranty on the product. This is more than enough for a family of four people. Now cleaning your dishes have become easier.

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Koushik Mondal

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