Candes Storage 25 Ltr Water Heater Review

Candes provides a variety of quality home appliances at affordable prices. Candes has continuously evolved its products and has given priority to quality.

The 25-liter water heater is more than what a family needs. It’s copper heating element is of excellent quality and can heat the water quickly. It has ISI marking and has a 5-star BEE rating. The safety valve and thermal cutout features are handy. And best of best is the installation kit comes with the water heater itself.

Copper Heating Element

The heating element of this water heater is engineered to raise the water temperature as quickly as possible. The high-quality copper that has been used does not wear out if there’s any kind of voltage problems. This is very durable and will last very long.

Rust Proof Body

The body of this water heater is rustproof. It is made of good quality of solid plastic, and it is very durable and sturdy. The excess moisture in the air can’t wear it down.

Installation Kit

Unlike many other water heaters, this Candes water heater comes with the Installation kit with it. Yes, you don’t have to buy the kit separately. It’s a bonus.

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What Do We like

Thermal Cutout

This Candes geyser comes with a thermal cutout safety feature, which cuts the power supply if the water temperature exceeds the extreme limit ensuring your safety.

Inner Tank

The inner tank, which is the central part of any geyser, is made with pure stainless steel. It is of very high quality, so it is gonna last longer than usual. It is a durable and trustworthy material.

Thermal Indicators

This geyser is equipped with LED indicators, which will let you know when the water is hot and ready to use. When you see the indicator turning green, you know that it’s ready.

Safety Valve

This is one of the essential features of this geyser. The safety valve is designed in a way to relieve the pressure release the water if the pressure exceeds the pre-set levels because safety should always be on top.

What We Don’t Like

There were no significant cons found. Some people might say it’s taking too long to heat the water, but you gotta remember that it’s heating 25-liter water at a time. So that is quite a lot of water.


This Candes geyser is a decent product and has good value for money. It has all the necessary features that a modern-day water heater should have. It has a 1-year warranty for the components and a 5-year warranty on the inner tank. This product is worth buying.

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Koushik Mondal

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