Candes 10 LTR Electric Water Geyser Automatic Power Cut-Off Feature Review

Be it winters or to take a refreshment bath, the hot water bath is all you need to put yourself in a healthy and sound mood. Well, with the new innovations crowding up the market, the water heaters have maintained it’s prominent space in today’s world. And with the very spirit, Candes is back with “10 Ltr Electric Water Geyser Automatic Power Cut-off Feature” that has made enough space in the everyday life of an individual.

The geyser provides for an exceptional energy-saving feature to an efficient 10 Ltr Water storage tank that goes for an individual to stay away from all the day to day stresses and take a peaceful bath.



It has a storage tank of 10 Ltr that is, in fact, more than enough for an individual to take a bath.

Energy Efficiency

It is a 5 star rated device in terms of energy standards and thus saves energy due to its heat retention capacity, thereby reducing the electricity bills.


It is an ISI certified product and thus goes well with the safety standards due to its multifunctional Safety Valve and highly precise thermostat control.

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What Do We like

Automatic Power Cut off

The device enables an automatic power cut off feature once it has reached the desired temperature and hence prevents any serious issues due to high heat to both the device or to the individual.

Rust Free Coating

Complaints arise about the device getting rusted and then the water being unfit for bathing, well, it has a proper rust-free coating that saves you from such issues.

Physical Appearance

The device is coated with ABS plastic on the outside body, and for the inner body, where the heat is contained, it is built with stainless steel material, making it perform efficiently and smoothly.

What We Don’t Like

Electricity Dependent

As the device is electricity-dependent, one has no other option rather than wait when there is no electricity.


With the absence of service centers everywhere in the globe, the customer might have to wait for long to get it done by the company, thereby making their condition worse in case of an emergency.


The product’s easy to use and maintain the feature, along with a total warranty period of around five years, makes this product easy to reach for one and all. Besides, it is even cost-effective. Thus it is definitely a right to buy if one is the search of a perfect geyser.

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Hari Priya

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