Candes ABS 3L Storage Electric Instant Water Heater Review

Candes has constantly evolved its product and gave priority to quality. The 3-liter water heater from Candes comes with many features. With its powerful 3000-watt heating element, it can heat the water very quickly. The shockproof outer body of this product comes as a bonus at this price range.


Powerful Heating Element

It comes with a 3000-watt powerful heating element. It can heat the water very quickly. The days of your waiting to heat the water are long gone now.

Energy Saving

This Candes water heater is rated five stars. It consumes very little electricity. No need to worry about electricity bills anymore.

Shock Proof Body

It comes with ABS Shock Proof Body. The outer body is made in such a way that it is electric shockproof. Use it freely and not cautiously. Your safety is their priority.

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What Do We like

Inner Tank

The inner tank of this water heater is made with stainless steel, and it is suitable in hard water conditions. It is corrosion-resistant, so it helps increase the longevity of the water heater than usual ones.

Pressure Bar

The water heater is rated as 6 Pressure-bar. This means it is suitable for high rise buildings and still will have good water pressure. The water force of the geyser is calculated in terms of “Bar.” So the more bar your water heater has, the more good it does.

Thermal Cutout

Every modern water heaters nowadays comes with this feature. What this does is, it will cut the power automatically when the temperature of water hits the maximum. It will not let it cross the maximum limit ensuring your safety.

What We Don’t Like

Build Quality

They made the body shockproof, but they used cheap quality of plastic to made the outer body. It is not very decent. This product will last lesser than the other water heaters out there in the market.


Apart from the poor quality outer body, this water heater provides most of the modern-day facilities at such a low price. It comes with a one year warranty on the product and a five-year warranty on the inner tank, which is decent. It takes very little space to fit on the wall. Good choice for small families.

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Koushik Mondal

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