Candes 1 Litre Insta Electric Instant Water Heater Review

Candes provides wide range of quality home appliances at affordable Prices. Candes has constantly evolved its product and gave priority to quality. This 1 litre Candes water heater is an instant water heating machine. It’s very easy to install and use. The outer body is shockproof so you don’t need to worry about that. You can use to in your kitchen or bathroom, wherever you need.


Instant Heating

The Candes 1 litre water heater can heat the water instantly. No more waiting anymore. It takes hardly 1-2 mins to heat up the water properly for use. Saving lots of time of yours.

Shock Proof Body

This water heater comes with ABS Shock Proof Body. Bathroom or Kitchen is a place where water is everywhere, so it can also even be on your water heater’s outer body. But that’s not a thing to worry about anymore. With it’s the shockproof body you have no danger regarding electric shock.

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What Do We like

Thermal Cutout

The thermostat control on this product is very precise. It cuts out the power automatically when the heater reaches it’s desired temperature. So that the water is not heated more than the extreme limit.

Outer Body

The outer body of this water heater is made of solid plastic. The quality of the plastic is decent. It is also shockproof. It is durable and sturdy.


What We Don’t Like


The pressure bar of this water heater is very low. It is not advised to buy this if you live in a high rise building. Only buy this product if you live on the ground floor.

Inner Tank

The inner tank is not made for hard water conditions. It is not corrosion-resistant. The plain material will depreciate very quickly decreasing the water heater’s life.



This water heater is suitable for a single person living alone in a ground floored apartment. Cause the 1 litre capacity is nearly enough for a single person and the pressure bar is fit for ground floor buildings. There are some cons but we have to see the price range they are offering. You can buy it for short term purposes.

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Koushik Mondal

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