Candes Storage Electric Water Heater Review

Candes provides a wide range of home appliances at affordable prices. Candes has constantly evolved its product and gave priority to quality.

The storage water heater by Candes is just the product you need. With its powerful 2000 watt heating element the water is heated up in a flash. The design of this water heater is so elegant that it will just match the contrast of your kitchen/bathroom. It has a storage capacity of 10 litre which is pretty decent.


Copper Heating Element

The powerful Copper heating element is a very advanced technology. It’s 2000 watt powerful heating element can heat the water in a flash. It is engineered to last long and be durable.

Safety Valve

The Multifunctional safety valve is engineered in a way that relieves the water pressure in case it exceeds the pre-set limits and then discharges the water. It is added to the water heater to ensure your safety.


This geyser comes with the installation kit for free of cost. It includes a pair of connecting pipes made of steel which are 2 feet in length, Bolts, and many other things you’ll need regarding installation.

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What Do We like

Pressure Bar

The pressure bar of this water heater is rated 8. It means it is the ideal choice for high rise buildings. The water pressure will still be stable on high buildings, no need to worry about that anymore.

Inner Tank

The inner tank is rustproof. The high-quality coating makes the tank long-lasting. It’s corrosion-free and has no maintenance cost added. So it can’t be harmed in any hard water conditions.

Thermal Cutout

This feature has become very common in many water heaters but yet it is one of the important features. It cuts the power automatically if the water temperature exceeds the maximum level. It’s for your safety.

What We Don’t Like

Heating Time

The water takes a bit much longer to heat the water properly than the usual ones. It takes about 15-18 mins to heat up properly. It could’ve been a little bit faster as it’s only 10 litre.



This geyser is a great deal. The safety features, powerful heating element and pressure bar are absolutely great. And mainly the product is very budget-friendly so if waiting a bit is not an issue for you then absolutely go for it.

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Koushik Mondal

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