Candes Popular 7 Ltr Gas Geyser Water Heater Review

Geysers play a vital role in releasing ones stress and bringing them out from the everyday stressfull and boring life . Bathing is the only time you give to remove dirt from your body and along with it , you create a harmony among your mind and soul. Thus it is very important to take a proper bath which inturn asks you for a proper temperatured water according to the need . Well , Candes is here with it’s “Popular 7 Ltr Gas Geyser Water Heater “.

The elegant and a promised long life of the product by the manufacturer , the non electric type and various other features is just enough for an invidual in search of proper or rather the ideal water heaters .


It has a white coloured appearance along with it’s easily installable feature , that eats up half of the worries of the customer .


The heat exchanger of the device is made of copper and has a  Powder Coated Big Body along with a Stainless Steel Burner making it typically ideal for one and also , besides , it has auto ignitionn characteristics.

Water Flow

It has an excellent water flow characteristic of a maximum of 7 Ltr per minute . Hence , you don’t need to wait for your tub to fill up with the hot water for long and can enjoy the bath as per your convenience .

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What Do We like

Non Electric

To the people living in electricity crisis , the product is the best fit , because it runs on LPG .

Light Weight

It has a very light weight , of around 800 gram , that makes it ideal to use anywhere as per nes wish .


It has an adjustable thermostat for flame selection option and is also equipped with the copper for high  and efficient heat exchange .

What We Don’t Like

Upfront Cost

While there won’t be an issue for the electricity bills , one still has to survive with the gas costs and thus need to get on to its regular supply owing to the high cost of the total gas that could be consumed.


The device is easy to use and has a rust-free coating that makes it fit for use. It is also a cost-effective device that is  extremely recommendable in places where there is an electricity crisis. Also, the 1 year warranty period by the manufacturer serves for a smooth solution to the issues the customer might face. Thus, this device is a must-buy for one.

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Hari Priya

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