Sricam SP015 Wireless Waterproof Security Camera Review

Sricam manufactures mainly security exams, IP cameras. infrared camera, gun-type camera for residence and business areas. They are waterproof and will deliver you flawless images and video recording.

This waterproof and wifi enabled CCTV camera to secure your home and office. The device has motion and sound detection and can rotate the camera horizontally or vertically up to a certain point. This device can support up to a 128gb micro sd card. Let’s discuss the features, pros and cons of this product to know more about it.

720p High definition recording

This CCTV camera can record videos at a 720p high definition quality and capture images at a resolution of 1280×720 which is equivalent to 720p resolution. So you can watch or record videos with clarity and not missing any pixel out.

Horizontal pan

This CCTV camera can be tilted horizontally to get a better view of your home or office. If you install it on the outside of your home then you can see most of the front area of your house and will be easy to notice if something’s wrong. It can tilt up to 355 degrees horizontally and deliver you clear images and video recordings as well.

IP66 waterproof

When you are installing a camera on the outside of your house it should be waterproof or if it rains it will get damaged very easily and will cost you for maintenance. This Sricam CCTV camera is IP66 waterproof. Don’t get worried about the rainy seasons anymore, it will keep performing at its peak and deliver you images and videos.

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What Do We like

Night vision 

Sricam has presented a night vision feature to this camera. It can capture images or record videos at 720p HD in complete darkness up to 35 feet. That is quite the range of it at this price range.

Multi sharing

This is a unique yet great feature of this CCTV camera. Normally you can connect to a mobile phone or tablet to monitor the activities. Sricam is providing you with the option of sharing the authority to control your CCTV camera to multiple people. Now you can use and control this CCTV camera with your family as well. In your absence, they can watch over it and may notice if something’s wrong.

IR cut filter

This CCTV camera does not only provide you with great images and video recordings just because it is equipped with a 720p HD camera. This also has an IR cut filter which helps the camera to process its true color while it is capturing any image or recording any video.

Everywhere access

You do not have to be present physically anywhere to access these CCTV cameras. You can install the sricam app on your mobile phone and control it remotely. This is a great feature for when you are away but needs to keep an eye on your home or office.


Storage plays a key factor here as every it captures or record needs to be stored. This device can support a micro sd card of up to 128gb and comes with a 32gb micro sd card right out of the box. Check for the instructions to see how you can install the micro sd card in the device.

What We Don’t Like

Vertical tilt

CCTV cameras should be able to tilt horizontally as well as vertically too. This CCTV camera from Sricam does not tilt vertically and that could be a major con if you are installing this camera for security purposes at your home or office.

Time delay

The CCTV camera takes its some time to tilt horizontally. If something happens in a matter of seconds then you might not be able to record or capture it since it shifts its position very slowly.


Every product has some pros and cons. In this case, the pros outweigh the cons. Sricam is a well-known company in china and provides a product at a very reasonable price according to the feature. It almost has all the necessary features a CCTV camera should have except for the vertical tilt feature. If you are planning to use it for indoor purposes at your home then you can ignore this minor con. It is very pocket-friendly and easy to use.

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Koushik Mondal

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