Sricam SH026 IP Security Camera Review

Sricam is a global leader in the industry of IP cameras. So if you need a security camera for your home or business, then this brand is truly a great choice. This is why we would like to introduce to you the Sricam SH026 Pan/Tilt Wireless WiFi 2MP Full HD 1080p IP Security Camera, it is equipped with the best features that will give you peace of mind especially when you are away.

This camera is one of the most user-friendly CCTV cameras out there because it is completely wireless. You will surely love it, especially if you will know more about its features and benefits.



It can function without the use of any wires, you will just need to download the free app and install it on the camera.

Livestreaming Feature

This camera has the ability to Livestream the footages straight to your devices such as computers or phones. It will keep you secured at all times in case you are outdoors.

IR Night Vision Feature

It allows you to see the images that this camera is capturing clearly and in high-definition even at night.

1080p HD Resolution

This is a guarantee that this camera will only produce crystal clear images for higher efficiency.

Motion Detection

It will alert you in case there are unusual movements that are happening inside and outside your house. The alert can be in the form of sounds or e-mail alarm.

AP Function

This is a functionality that allows the camera to have its own Wi-Fi hotspot in which you can link your phone wifi or to the camera straightforwardly.

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What Do We like

Elegant Design

This camera has an effective design that allows you to conceal it easily on your home; especially it is super portable.

Hassle-Free Installation

It does not contain any hard to understand mechanisms making it super easy to install.


This camera does not costs that much, which will surely not hurt the budget once you buy it.


Rest assured that this bag will surely last long because it is made of high-quality materials that will not deteriorate easily.

What We Don’t Like

You must always set the video option to HD mode rather than SD mode because SD mode tends to be very blurry.


This premium cam will surely give your house or business the security that it needs because of the wonderful features that it has such as Wireless, Live Streaming Feature, IR Night Vision Feature, 1080p HD Resolution, Motion Detection, and AP Function. You will surely have those at an affordable price.

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