Hikvision Turbo HD (DS-2CE1AD0T-IT3F) Indoor/Outdoor Camera Review

The quality of the footage from a CCTV camera is important because it will let you view the areas of your house that need surveillance much clearly. With regard to that, Hikvision has something that you will never regret buying.

Introducing the Hikvision Turbo HD DS-2CE1AD0T-IT3F Indoor/Outdoor Exir Bullet Camera, this has nice features that will provide a superb surveillance system to your home. You can use this either indoors or outdoors so that you are sure that all portions of your house are completely safe at all times.


2 Megapixels CMOS Image Sensor Signal System

This 2 MP provides a clear output of the images so that you can view them much clearer. It also senses if there are movements in the surroundings, the signaling system will work to alert you.


The IP66 protocol allows this camera to withstand extreme weather conditions so that you can put it outdoors as well if you needed to.

Wide Maximum Range

It has the maximum shoot range of up to 40 meters so that you can have a precise view of the images even if they are far away from the camera.

180 Degree Rotation

It allows the CCTV to move for up to 180 degrees so that all the portions of your house will be carefully watched.

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What Do We like

Great Design

The great aesthetics that it has will provide you a concealed and effectively provide you its functionalities smoothly.


This camera will truly last long because it is made of premium materials that do not deteriorate easily.

Low Price

It does not cost that much, making every people from all walks of life the ability to buy it.


It only consumes up to 4 watts making it very energy efficient as you can run it 24/7 without worrying about increasing your electricity consumption significantly.

Easy to Install and Use

This CCTV camera does not have any hard to understand components making it hassle-free to set up and use.

No Maintenance Needed

It does not require any strenuous maintenance for it to function well.

What We Don’t Like

The IR range is only 20 meters only.


This camera has great features, just like CMOS Image Sensor Signal System, Weatherproof, Wide Maximum Range, 180 Degree Rotation, and etc. You’ll surely never go wrong with this camera keeping your home safe from intruders at all times.

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