D-link Wi-Fi Home Camera (DCSP6000LH) Review

D-Link has always been leading in the industry of network solutions and CCTV solutions. They manufacture some of the best products in this sector such as Wifi routers, IP cameras, infrared cameras, and CCTV cameras as well.

This premium looking CCTV security camera performs smoothly. The high definition 720p HD quality camera records everything properly and captures images. Let’s take a proper look at its features, pros, and cons of this product.


720p HD recording

The high-quality CMOS sensor on this device enables the 720p HD recording. The image capturing and the video recording of this device do not miss any detail and do not get pixelated. You won’t notice any noise, even in the pictures that are taken at night time.


This device does not come with old fashioned micro-sd card slot. This requires a cloud subscription and comes with 24-hour cloud storage free. After that, you have to subscribe to a certain website and it will make sure your data is safe and sound.

Wide-angle view

This security camera from D-Link offers a 120-degree wide-angle view to you. It will cover most of the area of your house leaving very few blind spots. Also, it provides you with a 4x zoom to see properly. You can now zoom in or zoom out using your smartphone.

Easy installation

This device does not need any technician to install. It is really easy and user-friendly to install. You can do it by yourself with ease. Also, connecting with your mobile phone is quite easy.

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What Do We like

Alexa Compatible

Thise Home Security Camera can be connected to your Alexa. You can simple ask,”Alexa show front door camera” and the camera will be connected to your screen.

Night vision mode

Now record everything around your house day and night. With the help of built-in infrared LED lights, this security camera can capture crystal clear pictures at night at a distance of up to 16 feet, which is more than enough for indoor purposes. The HD sensors will give you a satisfying picture and video quality at night.

Remote access from anywhere

Distance does not matter anymore. This device will let you monitor from anywhere on the planet using your smartphone only. All you have to do is install an app named “mydlink” app and then go through a quick and easy setup procedure.

Once it is done with, you are ready to control the camera back home, access to the footage and pictures as well as watch the live feed on your phone. Make sure the camera back at home is connected to a stable internet connection as well.

Motion and sound detection

This is one of the important features of any security camera. The sound and motion detection technology detects the slightest of movement or any activity. Also, it can hear very littlest of sounds as well. As soon as it detects any of these, it will send you an alert directly to your smartphone to let you notify what is happening around your house.

Compact design

This is a very compact designed model from D-Link. It takes very little space to be stored or to mount at someplace higher to get a proper view. The outer build is very sturdy and durable too.

What We Don’t Like


This camera will cover a 120-degree of a wide area, but it still leaves some blind spots. This one also does not tilt horizontally or vertically. So this is considered somewhat a minor con.

Video Storage

User can not store footage, they will have to take a subscription of Dlink Cloud where the footage will be saved. This can add to the expense.


This pocket-friendly product from D-link has most of the needed features. The build quality is pretty sturdy, and the sleek design gives a premium outlook to the device. The HD sensors make it able to capture great images and videos as well. The cloud storage system won’t get corrupted and your data will be safe even if your camera gets broken or stolen somehow. This product comes with a 1-year warranty. Your search for a low priced good product ends here.

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