10 Best Spinning Shoes for Indoor Cycling

Exercising is a way of life – if you want to keep fit, and maintain the perfect body shape. You don’t always have to grab your foldable cycle and go on a cycling trip, you can enjoy cycling indoor as well. Cycling is an aerobic activity that is bound to open up the airways and improve the general health of the athlete. You don’t have to be an athlete to engage in indoor cycling. This form of exercise is also called “Spinning”, and the various activities that are being carried out help the person build on endurance, strength, intervals, high intensity, recovery.

The equipment used in this exercise is the stationary exercise bicycle. The main difficulty in this exercise and how it tends to achieve the aims listed above is the hardware on the stationary bicycle with which the difficulty of the machine can be adjusted. Along with the shoes you also need cycling gloves so that your palm and fingers don’t get hurt.

To make the most of the use of this machine, it is essential to have the right shoes on as it has its benefits, hence the need for this guide on the best shoes for the indoor cycling exercise.

You will find detailed information on the indoor cycling shoes, How do they work, what are the different types of spinning shoes, a comprehensive buyers guide.

In the end, we have reviewed the top 10 spinning shoes and have provided the FAQs for your understanding.

In-depth Information about shoes meant for indoor cycling.

These shoes are often called spinning shoes and are technically called so because they are designed to walk comfortably on the studio floor and fits into the indoor-cycling bike pedal. They came into being when the fitness club began holding classes that are led instructors with the use of stationary bicycles.

Companies like Nike, Lake, SIDI, and some other companies swung into the market of producing shoes specialized for this fitness activity, without further ado. The acceptability of these shoes has been low as a result of the small customers interested in such.

To enjoy a great spinning class, the right pair of shoes can suffice. Not every shoe fits the spinning curriculum, and if you have been making use of the athletic shoes or sneakers for your spinning classes, you need to do away with them now. Get the right spinning shoes for you.

Spinning shoes help you enjoy comfort, efficiency, and safety while riding. These spinning shoes are made of light, breathable materials, and for more comfort, they conform to the shape of the foot. The soles are made to be stiff and puff more power to the pedals, hence, a better connection to the bike.

Top 10 Indoor Cycling Shoes You Can Choose From

ProductAverage User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Durable Rivets
Perfect fit
Maximum Comfort
Cozy spinning shoes
SPD compatible
Provides the best protection
Maximum ventilation
High aesthetics
Odor Resistant
Value for money

How do spin shoes work?

Many of the spin bikes you will see will have a toe box on one side of the pedal, and also a clip in the mechanism which the cleat fits into when you want to engage on a reverse. Cleats are additives that are worn on the shoes to aid its attachment to the pedal.

There are two designs in which the cleats of cycling shoes can come in;

3 bolt cleats of this form:

These are the SPD-SL or Look cleats.

Two bolt cleats in this form

These are the SPD cleats.

For most cleats to be accepted for indoor use, such must have a minimum of SPD standard. Spinning machines, as well as other indoor bikes, make use of the SPD. This format is also the one being used for touring and mountain biking. But, most of the cycling shoes don’t come with cleats, this, therefore, calls for the purchase of an extra pair of cleats, subsequently fixing them on the shoes.

The SPD cleat format is being used in most of the gym classes. One cool thing about the SPD cleats is that they don’t damage the gym floor when on. You can use them in walking exercises, as well as other exercise forms. These alongside the spin shoe are your best bet if your indoor gym class is going to feature more than the spinning bike exercise.

Your spinning shoes are not complete without the cleat, and below is a quick guide to how you should attach to your cleat to your shoe.

How to clip in the cleats

You don’t have to worry if this is your first time attempting to add your cleat to your shoe. However, the bets would be to bring them into a local bicycle shop to have them installed by a pro. But, there are no other choices available, here is a quick guide on how you can attach your cleats to your new pair of shoes.

  • Have your shoes on and locate the ball of your feet. This cleat should be attached just under the ball of your foot, as this allows maximum comfort, performance and natural movement around your ankle, which in turn creates a seamless stroke of the pedal, devoid of injury.
  • Locate the right toe-in and toe-out, and make sure you attach the cleats in such a way that makes the toe in and out as seamless as possible. Toe-in and toe-out talks about the direction in which your feet are pointed when they are placed on the pedal.
  • Ensure that the fix is tight. The cleats should be screwed as firm as possible. They should not rotate when attached; they must be well snuggled against the sole of the shoe.
  • Clip in and pedal as slow as possible, for a start.

The cleats are the most important adds to the spinning shoes, and they must be chosen to be precise and perfect.

Why you should always use spinning shoes for indoor cycling

Cycling indoor might seem like nothing much, but, if you want the best exercise time out with the indoor bikes, you need to get the spinning shoes, and there are a few reasons why you should do that;

  • The mesh of the shoe allows the passage of air through to your leg. This ventilating effect leaves your leg cool through your exercise session.
  • The use of spinning shoes increases your cycling efficiency.
  • It ensures the safety of your feet on the pedals.
  • Spinning shoes offer stiffer soles that would be hard and firm on the pedals.
  • The use of these shoes allows your feet to stay in position while cycling.
  • These shoes are so awesome in that there is no need to worry about lacing the shoe.
  • Despite its firmness, the spinning shoe is known for its light weight.

Types of cycling shoes and their comparison

There are different types of shoes, and they can all be used for indoor cycling. These shoes can be; road shoes, mountain, or multipurpose sports shoe. The type you choose depends on your sense of fashion, the conditions of the gym and other preferences peculiar to you.

In spite of the difference in the different cycling shoes, they all have two things in common; a stiff sole and SPD cleat pattern. There are two types of cleat patterns; the three holes’ cleat and the two holes’ cleat. Most of the indoor cycling bike you would find have a two holes’ cleat pattern. These cleats are mean to be fit into the shoe’s sole, thereby helping the shoe to key on the pedal of the indoor bike.

The indoor cycling and mountain bike shoes feature recesses in the sole, which serves the purpose of the cleat flushing with the sole. Without this recesses, it would be difficult to walk with these shoe types. Shoes with the recessed sole, therefore, have the two hole’s pattern cleat system, and this system is just fit for virtually all gym classes you might ever visit.

For the road shoes, they can accommodate either the two hole’s or the three hole’s system. Most of the expensive road shoes have three hole’s pattern. (Note: if you are going to get a road shoe, you should ask the instructor, if there is a provision for the 3-hole pedal). The downside to the road shoe is that the cleats will protrude, and they are not comfortable to walk in. If you want to use these shoes, you can always carry them into the class.

Indoor cycling shoes have recessed cleats that make walking easy. The soles are smooth, and they have a very light weight. The perfect indoor cycling shoe is one with great ventilation on the upper part of the shoe, which allows for air circulation during work out sessions.

They also feature Velcro straps or occasionally, they can possess laces. If you are one that wants a light shoe that is so comfy to walk in, this is the perfect shoe type to go for. There are different types of road shoes; Velcro straps and/or buckle system.

Road shoes, however, are awkward to walk in. But, they are the lightest and stiffest shoes to wear, and they provide the most transfer of power. They are also sleek and snug perfectly. If one is looking to put the most force in his cycling, these shoes are perfect for the job. Road shoes perform the job well, but the indoor cycling and mountain shoes can also work in its stead.

Succinctly;Mountain bike shoes: These shoes types are suitable for riding both outdoors and indoors. These shoes are compatible with SPD, and it fits just perfectly with the pedal. They are easy to walk in.

Road shoes: The design of these shoes is meant to fit for outdoor road cyclists. They come at a very light weight, and the sole is very rigid, thereby ensuring the highest efficiency during rides. They are not easy to walk in.

Universal shoes: This is the third category of shoe that can have both SPD and LOOK cleats attached to it. Do you prefer the road shoe feel, but you want to have the Shimano SPD cleats on, for your bike? This is your best bet. 

Closure styles of bike shoes

Just as there are different types of spin shoes, different use makes use of different closure styles. There are three popular closure style for spin shoe:

  • Laces:

Spin shoes with this type of closure offer the best fit and maximum comfort. They have a downside, they can get wet and dirty easily, during inclement conditions.

If you are going to be using shoes with this type of closure, you should make sure that they are tied to have short ends, and the ends are tucked away, to avoid them from getting tangled in chains during your session.

  • Rip and stick straps:

This format makes closure as quick as possible, and they have the advantage that they can be used in wet or muddy conditions. These straps stretch less than laces, and you can be assured of having them stay put, more secure.

There are different strap numbers that can be found on shoes, but the most common are the 2 or 3 strap system. The more the straps, the more the shoes can be adjusted to fit.

  • Notched cam straps with buckles:

These closure types are more expensive, but regarding clamp power and security, they are the best out there.

Your perfect buying guide to getting a spin shoe

Like I said earlier in this guide, you can’t have enjoyable indoor cycling if you don’t have the perfect pair of shoes. Choosing the right shoe can be tricky, and you have to be really careful. To choose the best shoe for you, there are quite a number of things you should take note of, and they are outlined below:

  • Cleats: Most of the bikes used indoor are all compatible with SPD, including the “commercial spinner bikes”. The best shot to have at a spinning shoe is to have one that is SPD compatible, such that the cleats would be able to work with your indoor bike.
  • Affordability: The major determinant of the price of spin shoes is the sole. Spin shoes are affordable, and their prices vary with the quality of the material used in making the sole. Some soles are made of synthetic rubber, some with partial synthetic rubber, partial carbon, and full carbon. The price of spin shoes increases in this order. Carbon soles are of the highest price.
  • Footbed: There are four types of foot-bed you can get for your spin shoes; Rigid orthotic arch support, semi-rigid orthotic arch support, cushioned arch support, no arch support. For you to choose an insole footbed type, you should consider and understand why you want an insole.

1. The orthotic arch support is designed to ensure that your feet is maintained in a natural and healthy form all day, irrespective of what activity you engage.

2. Cushioned arch support is designed to provide your foot with some support, while trying to render as much cushioning as possible.

3. Semi-rigid orthotic arch support is one that provides a good support for the foot, without it having to be stiff.

  • Fit: If your shoes don’t fit, don’t get them. A perfect shoe will snug up to your feet. If there is excess space in the shoe, at any part, it is not advisable to use, your leg might slide in the shoe. Also, you shouldn’t get a pair of shoes that is too tight, as it would injure your leg and will be uncomfortable.
  • Soles: The tendency that the new shoe would be stiff, with a rigid sole, is high. But, you should ensure that the new shoe you would be getting would smug up to your leg, but not too tight. Your shoe should smug up to your leg, so that your leg wouldn’t be shifty in the shoe – when they expand overtime. The inner part of the shoe should be as comfortable as possible, and should fit perfectly. Don’t go for shoes that are too tight when you get them.
  • Slip: The shoes you would get should be one that would not slip or wiggle when you walk in them. Before you purchase the shoes, try see if the shoe would pinch or slip when you stroke the pedal with them. If it does, they are not your, drop them. the shoes you get should be as comfortable as possible. Make sure they are cozy too, and are breathable, to avoid heating up of your leg during workout.
  • Warranty: You should only go for a spin shoe product if it has a warranty on it. Different manufacturers have different warranty policy, and you should be sure to check the one that suits you, in case where the ordered product has factory defect on delivery.
  • Your needs: Before you dabble into getting a spin shoe for your cycling, you should carefully consider all you need. Study the features of the shoes you find, and go for the one that suits your need. Know what the pedal of your bike looks like, then go for a shoe with the corresponding cleat.

Consider all the factors that will make you comfortable in your shoe.

1. Dilwe Cycling shoe, one pair women cycling spinning shoes – Durable Rivets

Dilwe Cycling shoe, one pair women cycling spinning shoes
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This is our top pick, with the shoe featuring a high-density vamp, the rivets increase the quality and durability of the entire shoe.

You have control of the tightness of the shoe with the rivets. It comfortable and portable, and if you are cycle lover, this is your best shot.

Main Features
  • This shoe is suitable for use on both road and mountain
  • It has a buckle and band design
  • It is made to have a high density and has a durable vamp
  • It features a rivet design
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is of high quality and increases durability
  • It is breathable and comfortable
  • It is resistant to wear and tear
  • It is more portable
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is only for the women folk
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2. Louis Garneau Neo Protect 2 Cycling Shoe Covers, Black, Large – Perfect fit

Louis Garneau Neo Protect 2 Cycling Shoe Covers, Black, Large
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The Neo protect shoe covers were intentionally designed to keep the feet warm, and safe. Irrespective of how harsh the weather is, with this shoe, you can ride on. It is packed with a 2mm neoprene made of rubber material, and the sole aim of this is to provide heat during cold weather.

This is your best bet at saving the extreme parts of your body from whatever cold winter might be bringing on; you just keep exercising. This shoe offers complete protection and fits perfectly.

Main Features
  • It features a neoprene protection
  • The neoprene protection is made of rubber
  • It is designed to make use of SPD cleats.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Well-constructed and easy to put on
  • They keep your feet warm
  • The reflective touches are amazing
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • They are not waterproof
  • They can get your feet really warm in warm weathers, which might not be convenient.
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3. Pearl Izumi Women’s Tri Fly V Carbon Cycling Shoe – Maximum Comfort

Pearl Izumi Women’s Tri Fly V Carbon Cycling Shoe
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This is our pick, with its special design for the women folk, coming in black and white colors. Its sleek design and luxury premium material justify the price. Its careful design allows for maximum comfort, even when your foot is bare in it.

It is made of a P.R.O grade unidirectional carbon for ultra-light stiffness. It also has a direct-venting tech that makes air circulation as seamless as possible. The shoe has a concave shaping for ultra-low 7.0mm stack height, enhanced plate stiffness, and anatomic support.

Main Features
  • It has inbuilt longitudinal arch support
  • It has a replaceable heel bumper.
  • It is equipped with direct-venting technology
PROS (What we liked)
  • It maximum ventilation system keep your leg dry during work out session
  • Its stiff framework prevents shifting and sliding of your foot in the shoe
  • The cleat holes are perfect
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is made only for women, and won’t fit for men.
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4. Pearl Izumi W race RD III – Cozy spinning shoes

Pearl Izumi W race RD III
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Talk of design and quality, this is your best bet. The Pearl Izumi Women’s Race III road shoes provide benchmark performance, and it is just as affordable as possible. It is equipped with a BOA micro-cable retention system, with the addition of two hook-and-loop straps, which makes it easy to dial in the perfect fit.

They are relatively light weight, which features the select 1:1 power plate. This has been made with nylon and composite fiber, resulting in a rock-solid pedaling platform. This unique shoe is made of synthetic leather, the upper part has a mesh that doles out comfort and coziness to your feet. This shoe designed specifically for the women folk has an insole that provides an excellent longitudinal and transverse arch support.

Main Features
  • It is made to fit women
  • It has a BOA retention system, as well as 2 hook-and-loop straps, which ensures a precision in fitting.
  • It has a direct-vent technology that is used for cooling and drainage
PROS (What we liked)
  • They would fit your leg perfectly; they are true to size as stated
  • The overall adjustments of the uppers are seamless
  • The product fits whatever shape of leg
  • The ventilation of the shoe is perfect
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is only for the women folk
  • The price is on the high side
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5. Northwave Jet 2 cycling shoes white, Road – SPD compatible

Northwave Jet 2 cycling shoes white, Road
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Though, the cleat plate of this shoe is not included, it is SPD compatible. It is the perfect footwear for your indoor cycling, giving the best of comfort and ease when worn. You don’t have to worry about your legs sliding in the shoes as it snuggles firmly against your foot.

It is made of an NRG Air sole that has a stiffness index of 6.0, as well as 5 vents for proper flow of air. The upper part of the shoe has minimized stitching so that that comfort can be improved on, for users.

Main Features
  • It has two Velcro straps.
  • Each pair of the shoe weighs a total of 540grams.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The pair of shoe has a light weight
  • They are comfy to walk in
  • They have the right ventilation. Hence, there wouldn’t be sweaty feet as a result of heat.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The pricing is on a high side; it is somewhat a luxury shoe
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6. Dilwe Cycling shoe – Provides the best protection

Dilwe Cycling shoe
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There is a need for cycling shoes to be made of good materials, and this product from Dilwe simply makes our cut. It has a TPU hard plate on the toe and the side can offer nice anti-shock protection, this makes cycling as safe as possible.

If you are a cyclist, or you exercise frequently with your indoor bike, then this is a must-have for you. With this shoe, your knee and ankles are protected.

Main Features
  • It has an anti-shock protection
  • It has holes on the surface and heel.
  • The heel has a soft pad inside
  • The sole is made of nylon and TPU
  • The body is shiny black in color
  • Has a safety reflective strap
PROS (What we liked)
  • They are able to withstand a considerable amount of shock
  • They are breathable and comfortable to wear
  • They are anti-slip and firm on the foot.
  • The design of the shoe saves cyclist some energy.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • They cannot be worn for other sport.
  • The cleats are not fixed.
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7. Dilwe Cycling Spinning shoe – Maximum ventilation

Dilwe Cycling Spinning shoe
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Made of premium material, this is the best product spinning product out there you should choose. The shoe is armed with air holes that allow for maximum ventilation, on both the surface and the heels.

It also has a soft pad and alight reflective stripe outside. This shoe can help correct a wrong cycling position, especially if you are a professional biker.

Main Features
  • It has a soft pad and a reflective strip.
  • It has holes for breathing
  • It is made of premium material
PROS (What we liked)
  • The material is set to last
  • They allow for the proper ventilation of the leg
  • They can be used as a gift for bike lovers.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • They cannot be worn for fashionable purposes.
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8. Pearl Izumi Women’s X-project 2.0 cycling shoe – High aesthetics

Pearl Izumi Women’s X-project 2.0 cycling shoe
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This shoe eliminates the presence of seams and bi-directional closures that might be uncomfortable. It delivers semi-custom fit, it gathers equally from both sides, for even foot retention with the precision of a micro-adjustable Boa reel. It inner part is made of foam; with which it absorbs impact that makes when comfortable to wear off bike.

The full length tapered carbon fiber plate gives the bike enough power to transfer power to the pedal. It has a rubber tip that provides enough traction on an extremely lightweight bottom unit.

Main Features
  • It has a fully bonded upper part
  • It has a bi-directional closure
  • It is made of a full length tapered carbon fiber plate.
  • It is made of a co-molded rubber tip.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The foam in the shoe is able to absorb impact during use.
  • The closure prevents your leg from sliding around in the shoe.
  • It is very cute and light
  • They fit perfectly
  • They are very comfortable
  • The shoe has a high aesthetic value.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The cleats are not attached.
  • The price is on a high side.
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9. Pearl Izumi Men’s select road v5 studio cycling shoe – Odor Resistant

Pearl Izumi Men’s select road v5 studio cycling shoe
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If you are looking for the perfect shoe for you, this is it. Get down with the Pearl Izumi Select v5 studio, as it is the perfect shoe that snuggles up to your feet without inflicting pain. The upper part is fully meshed with a synthetic overlay, which also makes it odor resistant.

It has an anatomic TRI closure, and this eliminates pressure from the fore part of your foot. It also has an EVS foam and rubber heel bumper, which results in stability and comfort when walking. The insole of the shoe also provides arch support in both the longitudinal and transverse directions.

The shoe is lightweight, but also stiff and durable. The plate of the shoe is equipped with the direct vent technology which allows for cooling and drainage.

Main Features
  • The sole is made of a synthetic material
  • The closure type is the hook and loop
  • It has a standard shoe width.
  • It is made of an anti-microbial upper mesh
  • It has a synthetic collar lining
  • It has enough ventilation holes
PROS (What we liked)
  • The upper mesh makes it resistant to odor.
  • The cell foam helps shed sweat and water
  • It is durable and bacteria resistant
  • It has a high and improved breathability.
  • It has an improved Velcro closure system.
  • It is a perfect fit
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It cannot be worn for other purposes
  • It is made only for the men folk
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10. Northwave Origin cycling Shoes Anthra/Orange, Cross Country – Value for money

Northwave Origin cycling Shoes Anthra/Orange, Cross Country
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In search of quality and aesthetic value, then this should most likely catch your fancy. The Northwave Origin Cycling shoe is a blend of color, and quality material.

Made of synthetic leather, the shoe is super comfortable, and can also be worn around.

Main Features
  • Features three straps on the upper part
  • The tip is re-enforced with another layer of leather.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is comfortable to walk in
  • The size stated are perfect fits.
  • The product enjoys a super-fast delivery to customers.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It cannot be worn for fashion, so if you are putting your money into it, it is simply for the love of exercising.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of cycling shoe should you wear for spin class?

Different types of shoes differ in their firmness, and also the design of the cleat on the bottom of the shoe also differs. So, you would want to get the ones with the best firmness. With preference of manufacturers, different shoes also differ in their look, style and feel.

If you want to know how rigid the sole of a shoe is, it varies directly with the price. So, the higher the price of the shoe, the firmer and harder the sole.

There are different types of materials that are used in making soles of shoes, ranging from synthetic rubber to partial synthetic, and the partial carbon, and finally the full carbon soles.

Touring shoes and mountain bike shoes both have SPD recessed cleats. What this means is that, the cleats of the shoes sit in the sole of the shoe, it does not touch the floor when you walk.

But, road shoes have a protruding SPD-SL or look cleats. They protrude from the sole, and stick out below, thereby making walking not easy. These types are not to be worn in gym classes, as they can damage the wooden floor. Also, road shoes have less grip, so you are prone to falling easily.

As a result of this, when you want to get a cycling shoe for spin class, you should consider getting either a touring shoe or a mountain bike shoe for your spin classes.

2. Can I wear normal gym shoes for spin class?

Sure, you can always wear a normal gym shoe for spin class, but, you wouldn’t be able to clip in. So, all the benefits of using spin shoes that have been stated earlier, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy them while cycling. But, you can always make use of the toe cage, on the spin pedals, in a bid to keep your feet in the pedal.

Make sure that you don’t put the full length of your foot in the toe cage, as this can cause your foot to go numb. You should only position the ball of your foot just above the center of the pedal, and fasten the cage.

3. How should spin shoes fit?

That a shoe is firm on your leg doesn’t mean it is tight. So, a good fitting shoe is one that is snug, but is not tight on your heels. They should taper close to your foot, throughout its length and the instep, but they shouldn’t hurt your leg at any point, or after any period of time.

Normally, during workout sessions, your leg will swell a bit when you are hot. If the shoes are too tight or you feel a pinching sensation when you put them on, you will hurt badly when the swelling starts during your session.

The perfect design for a spin shoe is one that is firm and fitting. You should note that spin shoes do not expand overtime, unlike normal shoes, this is part of their design. So, make sure to pick the shoe that fits well when you are buying, so as to prevent them from breaking.

At a least, you should have enough room to wiggle your toes to a certain extent. However, there should not be large gaps around your feet, either at the front, back or center. If there is any part of the shoe that would be wide, it should be where the ball of your leg fits.

4. Should I buy my spinning shoe or rent?

Whenever you step into a cycling studio, without a spin shoe, the studio operators would most likely hand you a pair of shoe for the day’s exercise. You might get to pay at some studio, and at some, the fee has been added to the studio session fee.

The answer to your question is simple, if you are going to be a full time or hardcore cycler, it would be best to have your shoes, as you get access to them, whenever and wherever you are. However, if you are still testing the waters about indoor cycling, and are not sure if it is your calling, you can settle for a good renting for the mean time.

All you need to have in mind is, your spin shoe affects how well you perform in a spin class. If you are going to be consistent with a performance at the various gym classes, you should be consistent with the type and fit of shoe you wear. If you resolve to rent every time you have a gym class, you might not have a great performance.

The best is to get the spin shoe that fits you perfectly, once and for all. They don’t expand, so, you have nothing to worry about as to your performance dwindling.

5. How often do I need to replace my spin shoes?

If you take proper care of you spin shoes, you might need not to replace them every time. To make the best use of your spin shoes concerning time, you might want to put them on, only when you are about getting on the bike, and get them off when you are off the bike.

Spin shoes tend to last than other forms of sports shoes since they won’t wear and tear like running shoes. All that might need to be replaced from time to time are the cleats.

6. How do I care for my Bike shoes?

It is not impossible for your bike shoes to get dirty or wet, don’t panic, all you need to do to remedy the situation are explained below;

  • How to clean your bike shoes? You can clean your shoes by wiping them with a towel or a rag. For stubborn stains, you can use a brush that was soaked in warm water and soap lather.
  • How to dry your bike shoe? First, use a towel on the wet shoe, and you can then move on to use a dryer.


Getting the best fit for your body requires exercise. With the right set of an exercise, you can get the body you want, burn all the fat you want, and keep fit. Cycling is a great aerobic exercise, which works more for your thighs and legs.

But, to make the most of this exercise, you need the right pair of shoes. Louis Garneau Neo Protect 2 Cycling Shoe Covers, Dilwe Cycling shoe, one pair women cycling spinning shoes, Northwave Jet 2 cycling shoes white, and Pearl Izumi W race RD III are our favorite picks!

Get the right pairs of the shoe could be an uphill task, but this guide is there to help make the perfect choice for you.

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