Best Air Fresheners for Home

The scent is one of the primary human senses, and hence it is no surprise that it has such a huge impact on much of how we perceive the world around us. A single bad scent can be the primary reason for forming a bad opinion on a place or human. This makes it vitally important that we keep ourselves and our surroundings from stinking.

One of the primary ways to make sure our surroundings smell nice is to use air fresheners from time to time. They provide an economical and effective way to curb all kinds of bad odor emanating from various sources. The stopgap solution they offer is unparalleled to any other, and that is the reason for their immense popularity among the masses.

However, when you go out to the market place to purchase one for your surroundings, the vast array of types available can be overwhelming to any person. Nowadays, it is necessary to have air fresheners for home, car, and here is a detailed piece on everything you need to know before making a purchase.

In this article, you will read about 9 Best air freshener along with its link where you can purchase it online, its different typeswhy an air freshener is needed, how do air fresheners work and comprehensive buyers guide to help you chose the right one.

Top 9 Air Fresheners in India

Product (Best Brands)Average User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Best Aerosol Spray Freshener
Provides Multi-Layered Fragrance
Uses The Most Advanced mechanism
Best Compact Air Freshener
Multi-Purpose Air Freshener
Eco-friendly Air Freshener
Best Premium Air Freshener
Best Scented Candle

Why Are Air Fresheners needed?

Air fresheners are present in the grocery list of most households. But what makes them so popular among the masses? Let’s find out by stating the reasons for it.

Eliminates Bad Odour

As already discussed, bad odor leaves a lasting poor impression of a place. So it should always be of prominent importance to eliminate all of it, whenever possible. Air fresheners are the most effective way to do it and should always be preferred as they also come with various advantages other than eliminating odors.

The versatility, ease of use, cost are also in favor of it when compared to other methods of removing bad odor. Other than neutralizing, some also add a pleasant fragrance to the atmosphere.

Flexible and Convenient

The applications of air fresheners are various, and this makes them flexible when compared to other products in the sanitizing industry. Air fresheners are not just restricted to places like cars and restrooms. They can be used in any part of the house where bad odor has become prominent because of some of the other reasons.

Moreover, it just doesn’t take out one type of bad odor. Rather it covers almost every type of bad scent. This makes them convenient and easy to use

Natural Fragrances

Other than neutralizing and eliminating bad scent, adding a pleasant fragrance into the surrounding areas is also an added responsibility of the air fresheners. So, what fragrances are more pleasant than those that are natural? Manufacturing companies know this, and hence they incorporate natural essential oils like sandalwood oil, flower oil, etc. into the fresheners to give out a natural vibe.

Besides, they also don’t contain any harmful ingredients like aerosol or other volatile compounds. Besides, manufacturers also give you an array of fragrances to choose from, and they can be changed one wishes anytime.

Variety of Types

Every person is different, and their tastes also differ to a large extent. Keeping this in mind, air fresheners are available in all forms, sizes, and types. All the types have already been talked about, and you should have already gotten a fair idea about all the varieties that are out there in the market. Moreover, the number of fragrances is also immense, and users can change them for every different occasion.

The holders and dispensers also come with many modifications these days, and some are better than others. Some of those will be discussed while reviewing the most popular ones.

Makes Environment Positive

Although it may sound untrue, air fresheners do have the ability to brighten up people’s moods when they are feeling low. A whiff of fresh smelling fruit extracts, lemon, or flower oils can improve their mood and aid in raising their productivity for the time being.

They can also aid in maintaining the high morale or mood, and if the scent surrounding them does become bad, it can induce mood swings and make people unpleasant. To avoid this, constant maintenance of a pleasant odor is essential in places like offices

Reduces Pathogens

As we know, the majority of diseases that we humans face is air-borne. That means the various pathogens and harmful microorganisms that dwell in the atmosphere are the prime reason for us to fall sick. All this can be avoided to a large extent if the places where you spend the most amount of time, can be fitted with air fresheners to kill pathogensens.

Most of the natural oil extracts that are used in air fresheners are antiseptic, and hence they can kill harmful microorganisms.

How do Air Fresheners work?

Air fresheners have been used since time immemorial, and the first evidence that we have got is about their usage in Egyptian tombs, almost 4000 years ago. Although the technology from then to now has improved immensely, the principle remains the same. The first modern air fresheners technology was developed by the US army in 1948 to help farmers disperse pesticides.

During that time, aerosols were predominant in air fresheners. After people got to know that they are harmful to both human health and the environment (they have an impact on the ozone layer), manufacturers stopped producing them and reverted to more natural substances. Since 1970, there have been numerous innovations in this field to improve and make them as efficient as possible.

Although different types of air fresheners use different techniques to function, the main things remain the same, that is, the raw materials used to produce the gel or liquid, the cans or trays that hold them, the membranes, etc., will be the same. Where they differ is the mechanism through which they let out the scent causing gel or liquid.

As the name indicates, sprays use a spraying mechanism similar to those found in perfume bottles, paint dispensers, etc. They have a small button like structure, which, when pressed, will give spray the liquid. Potpourris and gels have a membrane-based mechanism that separates the gel or liquid from the surrounding atmosphere and controls how fast it loses the potency. The user doesn’t have to do any physical work to make it work other than to remove the primary membrane at the time of installation.

Probably the biggest innovation has been the introduction of plug-in air fresheners by a company called glade. They are also one of the most widely used types of air fresheners, and hence we are going to discuss how they can make the surroundings pleasing and aromatic.

The design of the plug-in air fresheners is also pragmatic. They contain a tray-like structure that holds the gel or liquid that can reduce bad odor and give out pleasant smells. The tray gets warm once the small machine is switched on, as the electric heater is present right next to it. As you can probably guess, the gel gets vaporized due to the heat, the aroma trapped inside it is let out, and it spreads throughout the surrounding areas. Each tray of the gel can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months and largely depends on the usage pattern. Once it does get empty, the consumer will have to change the gel.

The tray also consists of a lid whose sole job is to control how much gel gets vaporized each time. Also, to ensure the longevity of the gel and to stop it from getting affected by the air, multilayer membranes are present, which lock in the properties of the gel and ensure its potency is not reduced by exposure to the atmosphere. The user has to manually remove one of the membranes before placing it in the tray, and the other permanent membrane stays and preserves the gel.

Types of Air Fresheners


Sprays are the most commonly used type of air fresheners found these days. This is mostly due to the practicality that they offer. Unlike other types of air fresheners, they are not always active and can be used only when required. They come in bottles with a nozzle on top, and when the room or area needs to be freshened, the nozzle is pressed, and the odor removing liquid comes out of the bottle to freshen up, neutralize and sanitize the area. Many of the products we have reviewed in this article also come under the ‘spray’ category too.


Plug-ins are the next most popular type of air fresheners in the modern day. They were first introduced by a company called Glade and, since then, have been popular with consumers around the world. Just like sprays, they also usually come in a compact bottle. However, that is where the similarity ends.

They do not have nozzles to spray the liquid but need to be plugged into an electric socket to work their magic. The electric current enables it to send out the scent of removing liquids in waves. This ensures a much more even spreading of the liquid as opposed to spraying. Plug-ins are also usually costlier than other types of air fresheners.


Gels are a special type of air fresheners as compared to sprays and plug-ins. This is because they do not use a special type of mechanism to propagate the fresh scent like the above. They use the movement of air to help carry the scent everywhere around the area. As most of us already know, gels are partially solid and partially liquid.

Substances having such a form are placed in a small container having a very small opening. When air comes in contact with the gel through the small opening, it gets infused with the scent. This also means that it takes a certain amount of time before its effects can be seen, unlike sprays and plug-ins


Potpourris are similar to gels in almost all aspects. They both come in small containers, and both don’t use some sort of mechanism to propagate the scent, But where they differ is in terms of the ingredients used in the scent emanating substance. Potpourris have been specifically designed for people who are very concerned about the environment’s well being.

The constant complaint that most air freshers get is the harm they are doing for the environment and particularly to the ozone layer. Potpourris help in tackling this criticism as they are made completely out of natural products. However, their effectiveness is also comparatively less compared to other types of air fresheners.

Scented Candles

Scented candles are the most unconventional type of air fresheners present on this list, and hence their popularity is also quite less compared to the rest of the types. The technology used for its effect is also very simple as compared to others.

The wax used for making the candles is infused with pleasant fragrances at the time of manufacturing, and when it melts due to the lighting of the candle, that fragrance is let out into the surroundings. The main advantages of such an air freshener are the huge amount of fragrances available for selection and the cost-effectiveness.


With the fast-paced and innovative world that we are living in right now, companies and innovators are coming up with various variations in the world of air fresheners. So it won’t be surprising to see new conventional methods adopted like gel air freshener and air freshener dispenser shortly. Some of the innovative ways include using floppy disk type of structures to emanate an odor while they spin in a machine.

Buyer’s Guide For Air Fresheners

Delivery method

The delivery method of an air freshener largely depends on the type of air freshener being used. As discussed previously, there are around 4-5 major types of air fresheners and an equal number of delivery methods. If you want to instantly remove bad odor, then you should prefer the spray types as they have an immediate impact.

However, if you want your surroundings to smell nice all around the clock, then a gel type of plug-in type should be preferred as their effect is long term. Along with that, if you are conscious of your environment, potpourris should be used as they are eco-friendly.


The scent is a matter that is very personal and varies from person to person. Also, the scent should always be chosen according to the occasion. Manufacturing companies understand this, and hence there are thousands of varieties of air fresheners that vary in terms of scents.

Some of the popular ones are a combination of the fragrance of different flowers, citrus fruits, sandalwood, camphor, spices and herbs, honey, etc. So, you should not be hesitant to search for the one you like the best, as there is no shortage of options.


Sustainability refers to the amount of time the air freshener is going to last, and just like scents, it is unique to every product and largely depends on the usage of the individual. Some people might be in an environment that is highly susceptible to bad odor, or some people have a habit of overusing the product to get the best results.

However, some types do last longer than some others. Plug-ins are great when it comes to spreading and efficiency, but their sustainability is less compared to gels. Potpourri’s although have zero environmental effects, their sustainability is quite less compared to the competition.


No matter what the product, the cost of it will always be the most important factor while deciding if it is good enough or not. Similarly, it holds good for air fresheners as well. A person will always prefer one which gives great value for money.

Due to the competition in this field, it is the consumer who gets the most benefits. A good product from a reputable brand will always be costly, and this metric is very user-dependent as to how much he is willing to spend.

Purpose of use

Even within the types and categories, the main differentiating factor between various air fresheners is their specific purpose. Some of the common purposes are to keep the washrooms and restrooms from stinking, to keep the cars from emanating bad odor, and to remove bad odor from living spaces.

Each is specialized in a separate way to act in separate environments, and a consumer needs to be aware of his main purpose and select one accordingly.

Top 9 Air Fresheners in India

1. Odonil Room Spray Home Freshener – Best Aerosol Spray Freshener

Odonil Room Spray Home Freshener
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From a product that has its roots in the US, lets come to a product that is from an Indian multi-national company. The company we are talking about here is nothing but Dabur industries. It is one of the top ayurvedic companies in the world and has been a household name in India for many decades. They manufacture a range of products, everything from eatables to ointments, sprays, etc. and Odonil room freshener’s price is also affordable.

Odonil is a subsidiary of them and is one of the leading air freshener brands in India. They even have a product range that can give any international company a run for their money.  The present product that we have is very versatile and can be used in office spaces, rooms washrooms, and even cars to stop bad odor.

Main Features
  • Unlike the Air wick product, this is a spray only product and comes in 200 ml cans
  • Unlike gels and plug-ins, they can be used whenever pleased and are only for instant removal of bad odor
  • The range of applications for this air spray is really wide and can be used in any place where the smell is not pleasant
  • It is available in many different fragrances like lavender, jasmine, rose,  sandalwood and citrus
PROS (What we liked)
  • The versatility that it offers is unmatched, as it can be used whenever and wherever the user might need an air freshener
  • Since it is isn’t always in action like plug-ins and gels, it can be used for a long time
  • The price is quite less when compared to other air fresheners
  • Dabur is a very trusted brand here in India, and its products are always bestsellers
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It doesn’t have any special features like multi-layer fragrances, intensity control, etc.
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2. Airwick Freshmatic Life Scents – Provides Multi-Layered Fragrance

Airwick Freshmatic Life Scents
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Air Wick is a brand that has an illustrious history in the air freshener world and is also one of the oldest companies in this industry that are currently functioning. It has become a household name in the west, but since the industry is in its nascent level here in India, not many companies are popular. However, Air Wick is the leading manufacturer in India.

The company has its roots in the US and was started amid World war 2. Since then, it has been responsible for a wide range of innovations in the air freshener industry like some of its competitors.  Today, the company is based in more than 60 countries and offers a wide range of products, covering almost every type of air fresheners, like sprays, plug-ins, scented candles, gels, etc.

The current product we have here for you is one of the most popular air fresheners in India. It has a wide range of features that make it stand out from the competition. Here is a list of it and every pro and con we could find.

Main Features
  • The Air wick freshmatic life scents offer multi-layer fragrances so that it can be used for any occasion and in any weather conditions.
  • It is a combination of sun-bleached driftwood, warm breeze, and the salty sea
  • Air wick claims the spray can last up to 60 days with low usage. This is quite good when compared to the competition
  • The liquid inside is made from a variety of essential oils, that not only have a pleasant smell but improve the air quality by removing pathogens
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is available in a range of fragrances to suit everyone’s tastes and for every occasion
  • It is one of the first air fresheners to have multi-layered fragrances
  • The active life of up to 60 days is quite good when compared to the competition
  • The intensity of spray and odor can be customized, which cannot be done in many other plug-in types
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The price of the product is a bit on the higher side when compared to the competition
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3. Amazon Brand – Solimo Home Air Freshener Spray

Amazon Brand – Solimo Home Air Freshener Spray helps in freshening air and eliminates odors. It comes in different fragrances choices and is convenient to use.

Solimo products ensure premium quality and undergo detailed quality checks. This air freshener is a good addition to your home and is safe to use.

Main Features
  • It comes in variety of fragrances like fresh citrus, lavender mist, morning jasmine, rose petal, ocean breeze, classy musk, earthy sandalwood and vanilla spice
  • This product is free from chlorofluorocarbons
  • It has with an easy push and spray mechanism
PROS (What we liked)
  • It refreshes air in the home and eliminates odours
  • It helps in enhancing the ambience with the dispenser kit
  • This air freshener is convenient and easy to use
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were observed so far

4. Ambi Pur Air Effect Air Freshener – Uses The Most Advanced mechanism

Ambi Pur Air Effect Air Freshener
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Ambi Pur is a subsidiary of P&G products, which is the largest manufacturer of household products in the world. No other company matches the array of products they manufacture and the variety of industries that they cover in the world. They manufacture soaps, shampoos, detergents, air fresheners, toothpaste, batteries, baby products, make-up items, and many other day-to-day essential products.

Air fresheners are a big part of P&G’s business, and because of that, they are one of the leading brands in the world in that respect. Just like Air Wick, they have also been responsible for many innovations in this field. Every Ambi pure air freshener product also has their patented formula which is used to remove bad odor, that and other important features are discussed below

Main Features
  • This a spray bottle air freshener.
  • The bottle comes with around 275 ml of liquid air freshener that is sufficient for many months if used in moderation.
  • It uses the Ambi pure patented 3 step procedure to kill the bad odors around you
  • It uses cyclodextrin, which traps the molecules, causing the odor. It uses pH neutralizers to remove the molecules and reactive aldehydes to convert them into fresh smelling substances
  • Unlike many other air fresheners, it is not flammable at all.
  • It comes in 8 different fragrances to suit everyone’s needs.
PROS (What we liked)
  • For a product coming from such a reputable brand, it is quite cheap and comparable to locally produced items
  • It is quite versatile and can be used in a host of situations
  • It comes in 8 different fragrances, which is quite high when compared to the competition
  • For people concerned with safety issues, it will be a good buy as it is non-flammable and is made from 95% water
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The fragrance is quite mild, and some people won’t like it as they would prefer a strong scent
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5. Godrej Aer Pocket Bathroom Freshener – Best Compact Air Freshener

Godrej Aer Pocket Bathroom Freshener
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Godrej is also one of the most trusted brands in India.  Godrej also has a variety of brands under its belt that manufacture a lot of essential everyday items. Aer is one of their most successful subsidiaries as it’s one of the leading air freshener brands in India currently along with Odonil and Air Wick. This is very commendable as the brand did not even exist 7 years ago.

Godrej first let out car fresheners back in 2012 under the age brand by bringing in revolutionary technology that changed the game of car fresheners. Then, due to the immense success, it ventured into other types of air fresheners. The Godrej Aer pocket bathroom freshener is one of those products. Here is everything you need to know about this particular product before making a decision

Main Features
  • The pocket bathroom freshener is very compact. It is the smallest air freshener we have on this list. This makes it highly portable and makes it more efficient.
  •  It uses a patented unique gel technology that makes it small but increases its active life, hence one of the reasons why it is so compact.
  • Since it is a gel-type freshener, there is no need for the user to do anything other than hanging it after removing the membrane during installation
  • The company claims that it can last up to 30 days in any bathroom, which is much more than another air freshener of this size.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Thanks to the unique gel technology, it can be very compact and produce more scent in less quantity.
  • The active life of 30 days is very good when compared to other air fresheners of the same size and cost.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It can only be used in bathrooms.
  • The variety of fragrances available is quite low when compared to the competition, as only 3 different fragrances can be bought
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6. Mangala campure Jasmine Cone – Multi-Purpose Air Freshener

Mangala campure Jasmine Cone
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This product has to be the most unique one on this list, and it combines age-old Indian traditions with modern techniques and practices to give a product that is like no other. The manufacturer of this product is Mangalam organics. They are an Indian company based in Mumbai and make products like camphor, resin, and sodium acetate. They have been in this field for over 50 years and also export their product to the US, Europe, and Africa.

Camphor is a natural substance that is manufactured from the sap of coniferous trees found in high altitudes like the Himalayas. It has been known to have many medicinal properties, as stated in Ayurveda, and still used these days for Hindu rituals. Mangalam organics have used their intelligence and created a good air freshener out of this knowledge. All its numerous features, pros, and cons have been listed below.

Main Features
  • The product comes in a cone-like shape wrapped around in a special kind of paper that lets out the fragrance but tries to preserve the potency of the camphor. In other words, this acts like a membrane found on gel type air fresheners
  • The product has multiple benefits and can be used in a variety of ways. It can be placed near your bedside to drive away mosquitoes along with providing a pleasant odor. It can be placed in cupboards to preserve clothes and prevent moths and other insects which harm them
  • Its active life is way more than traditional gels and sprays as it can be used for 45 days straight
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is a completely natural product, and a person need not worry about the impact of air fresheners on his or her health
  • It is unique and can be used for things other than clearing bad odor. In this way, it is unique to every other product on this list
  • It helps in preventing diseases like H1N1, Dengue, Malaria, etc
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The cost of this product is much higher.
  • It is only available in 3 different fragrances
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7. Pure Source High Fragrance Potpourri – Eco-friendly Air Freshener

Pure Source High Fragrance Potpourri
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Potpourris are the unique type of air fresheners available these days. The world is slowly waking up to the fact that chemicals are harmful to human health and can cause diseases like cancer. In the wake of this, a huge wave of natural alternatives has been created in every sector. In the air freshener industry, potpourris have become the answer.

One of the leading manufacturers of potpourris in India has to be a pure source. They produce a variety of products like ceramic ware, soapstone, candles, incense, potpourris, etc. They have recently grown a lot in stature and are based out of Dwarka in New Delhi.

Even under potpourris, they make many types by changing the variety of flower or fruit. This is the best option in air freshener for home. The product reviewed here is made from Rose and its extracts. Here are all its features, pros, and cons

Main Features
  • The potpourri is nothing but a mixture of rose petals and various types of rose extracts that can be produced. It consists of dried rose petals, rose essential oil, rose water extract, incense powder made from rose, and a combination of natural herbs and leaves.
  • The best places to use this kind of potpourri is inside the rooms or office cubicles
  • The package consists of 250 grams of potpourri
  • The package comes with the mixture, as well as an aroma oil. Once the mixture loses its potency(after 15-20 days), simply sprinkling some aroma oil will make it fresh again
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is completely natural and won’t cause any type of health issues in the long run
  • The price to performance ratio is really good as it can last up to 2 months
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It isn’t very versatile as it can’t be used in cars or bathrooms
  • Exposure to moisture or extreme humidity will affect its performance or life
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8. Airpro Luxury Sphere Gel Air Freshener – Best Premium Air Freshener

Airpro Luxury Sphere Gel Air Freshener
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Airpro is an international brand that manufactures products of very high quality. It is considered a premium brand by many, and hence the cost of its products is also quite high. According to the company website, innovation is their main purpose of existence. They say that nature and pop culture provide the main inspiration for their products. This can be clearly seen in the design of this product.

The air freshener we are reviewing here is mainly for cars and other automobiles but can also be used for homes, office spaces, and bathrooms too. It is a blended fragrance, which means its a combo of many different natural smells. To get a better idea of the product, we will list down all its prominent features, pros, and cons

Main Features
  • The design of the product is very premium and looks very good when compared to most other air fresheners. It is spherical, and the company says the earth inspires it while the colors reflect pop culture.
  • The fragrance as we know is blended and follows the French art of perfume making
  • It can be used in different environments
PROS (What we liked)
  • Very premium design language which will catch the attention of others
  • The quality of the fragrance will be top-notch owing to the French inspiration and perfume technology
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The price may be a big factor.
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9. Elioria Lavender Scented Candles – Best Scented Candle

Elioria Lavender Scented Candles
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Scented candles are a very special type of air fresheners that are quite different from others. Their working principle is similar to those of plug-ins, but instead of electric heating, direct heat from a flame is used. The wax is infused with fragrance to create a pleasant atmosphere. Scented candles are mostly used for special occasions like anniversaries, marriages, etc. and provide a romantic touch.

Elioria is perhaps the smallest company on this list and is run from home by an Indian couple. Candles are their main business, and they make an astounding variety of it. The candle we are talking about here is completely hand made, and this ensures the complete attention of the manufacturers towards quality.

Main Features
  • The candles are completely hand made and the wax used is also extracted from vegetable oils.
  • The scent embedded in the wax is that of lavender, which is known to soothe the mind. It is also obtained from natural sources.
  • The candle can burn for a combined 30 hours at once, but the recommended usage is 2 hours in one session.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is made entirely by hand, and each batch is made carefully by giving utmost care and attention.
  • Most of the raw materials for the candle are naturally sourced, making them environmentally friendly.
  • They are perfect for romantic occasions
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Suitable only for special occasions.
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So that was a very detailed post on everything related to air fresheners. It should have given you a very good idea about what to do when you are the consumer and want to buy some for yourself. The best air freshener that ticks all the right boxes has to be the one from Air Wick, as it doesn’t have any big con.

However, if you are concerned about the environment, you should buy the Pure Source potpourri or the eiloria scented candle as they are completely eco-friendly. If you want one particular for your car, then it makes sense to buy the AirPro Luxury Scented Gel.

The Mangalam campor is also a good choice if you want something that can do multiple tasks and doesn’t have any health effects.

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