Bajaj Majesty Grill Ultra Sandwich Maker Review

Bajaj is a worldwide company that makes kitchen appliances, lighting, and fans. The brand is known for making the best quality products which last for long.  In kitchen appliances, Bajaj majesty grill ultra-sandwich contact is among the products.

This grill toaster has a stainless steel outer cover of its body, which has a mirror finish. The product has a compact design which makes it simple to store. This sandwich toaster is also simple to operate.


Power rating

This product has a power rating of 2000 watts, which enables you to make your sandwich efficiently. This power will heat the plates fast; hence you won’t waste your time waiting for it to heat.

Heat control knob

This grill toaster comes with an adjustable heat control knob. You will be able to regulate the temperature and set the one that suits you.

Light indicator

The product has a neon indicator which shows when the product is on (red indicator) and when the product is set to cook (green indicator).

Wide opening

This grill toaster has a wide opening of the 180-degree griddle or open grill. This makes it simple to put in your sandwich and take it out.

Drip collector

This product also has a drip collector that will collect the excess oil which drips. With the collector, your kitchen and your appliance will be tidy.

Floating hinges

This sandwich maker has a floating hinge, which will change in height depending on the size & shape of your sandwich.


This product comes with a handle which is made using a heat resistant material. This will give you a convenient operation.

Power cord

Bajaj majesty grill ultra-sandwich contact has a power cord that has an approximate length of three feet. The plug has three pins, which make it simple to plug in, unlike in two pins.

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What Do We like


This product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year.


This product has a space of 4-Slice press sandwich-maker.

Attractive design

This product has a stainless-steel outer cover body and a mirror finish. This makes the sandwich maker attractive.

Anti-slip stand

This product comes with anti-slip feet. The stand will hold the grill toaster firmly.

Non-stick coating

This grill toaster has non-stick plates; hence your sandwich won’t stick on plates. When preparing your sandwich, you will be required to use very little oil, and as a result, your food will be healthy. Non-stick plates are simple to clean.

What We Don’t Like

Consumes a lot of power


Bajaj majesty grill ultra-sandwich contact has an attractive coating of stainless steel material. It also opens widely for you to have quick and easy access to your sandwich. The drip collector will help in collecting the dripping oil. The light indicators will also help you know when the product is ready for use.

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