Bajaj Minor Radiant Room Heater Review

Bajaj Electricals, with a motto of inspiring trust, is an old company that has been working towards innovation that aims at simplifying human life.

Bajaj Minor Radiant room heater is available in a compact size. This appliance is safe and reliable. The ISI approves it; hence it is safe for use. It is a powerful heater, which ensures faster heating of your room.


Nickel chrome plated

The appliance is plated with a nickel-chromium mesh grid that is resistant to corrosion and increases surface hardness. This makes the device durable.

Stainless steel reflector

The reflector on the appliance ensures that the heat produced is evenly distributed to all corners of the room.

Braided cords

The Bajaj Minor Radiant room heater has a cotton braided cord, which is about 1 meter long.

Power rating

The Radiant room heater has a power rating of 1000 watts that makes the appliance suitable to heat a small room during winter.

Tilted legs

The appliance has tilted legs that gives excellent stability to the device. The tilted legs also make it easy to move the heater from one point to another.

Adjustable height

The height of the appliance can be adjusted to a certain extent. This makes it convenient for use.


The appliance has a 3-pin plug thus can be comfortably be used with any regular socket.

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What Do We like


The appliance has an average weight of 1.47kg. This allows it to be easily carried around, thus enhancing its portability.

Compact design

The room heater is small and can be placed comfortably in a small or medium-sized room. It also has stylish looks.

Energy Efficient

It is economical, by consuming less power it saves on the electricity bills.


The appliance has a warranty of 2 years.

Appliance quality

The room heater is approved by BIS (ISI marked). This ensures that the appliance is of high quality. It is strong and long-lasting.

Superior heating element

The appliance can heat the room within a short period, thus making it effective even in extremely cold weather.

Easy to use

The appliance is simple and easy to use, and wherever applicable, you can use the user guide for reference.

What We Don’t Like

  • It is only suitable for small and medium-sized rooms.
  • It can only be used continuously for 5 to 6 hours.


Bajaj Minor Radiant room heater is a compact and stylish appliance that has a superior heating element that allows the room to heat up fast while consuming less power. The heat produced is evenly circulated in the room with the help of the stainless steel reflector. It also has the nickel chrome plated mesh grid that increases the surface hardness and is resistant to corrosion.

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