When to Clean A Washing Machine? 

It might seem a little ironic, that you have to clean washing machine which you use to clean other things.

But when it comes to a washing machine, regular cleaning can determine the life of the machine as well as how much you are going to spend on maintenance. 

If your washing machine is dirty, there is no way you can will get a great washing experience. For example, as a result of soap residue, a washing machine can become a perfect breeding ground for salmonella.

The filter can also retain debris which can obstruct the flow of water outside the washing machine. 

To avoid these things from happening, it is important for you to clean your washing machine regularly.

When to Clean Your Washing Machine

You don’t have to wait until your washing machine has a problem before you clean your washer. At this point, it might be too late to reverse whatever damage has occurred to your washing machine as a result of bad hygiene

Washed Clothes Aren’t Smelling Good

Everyone just loves that wonderful clean smell of a recently washed cloth but that smell will be absent if your washing machine is dirty.

The reason for this is because of the backlog of dirty water that did not fully drain because one blockage or the other. 

Once you notice that your washed clothes don’t smell as clean as they should be, it’s time to clean your washing machine.

Debris and Soap Residue

The filter of a washing machine can only stop so much debris before becoming obstructed itself. When it does, it may affect your washing machine in a bad way.

To avoid this, once you start noticing buildups such as pet fur, hair strands and leaves around the filter of your washing machine, you need to clean it.

Another sign it’s time to clean your washing machine is when you notice grimy soap residue on the filter, around the coin trap or inside the washing machine itself. 

Unpredictable Water Temperature

Even if you can’t physically see the buildup of debris or grime from soap residue in your washing machine, one of the telltale signs that your washing machine needs washing is unpredictable water temperature. 

This occurs when soap residue affects the natural machine function of your washer by clogging up its inner workings. The best way to get rid of soap residue is to spin the washing machine with hot water. 


Cleaning of appliances is a must from time to time, whether it is a washing machine or air conditioners they need maintenance to perform well.

When it comes to washing machine the majority of us have experienced that soap residue in the filter, this can block the washing machine in cleaning better.

Above written are a few reasons why your washing machine needs to be cleaned.


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