Welcare Wc2266 Motorized Treadmill Review

In this article, we have provided the detailed review of the Welcare WC2266 Motorized treadmill, which is available in an affordable price range of INR 20,000 to INR 35,000.

Since ancient times, walking is known as a popular way to keep your body fit and healthy. Even now it is prescribed by the doctors, but since most of us feel exceptionally lazy to move out for a walk, we tend to skip walking. This can lead to obesity and various other issues.

The good news is these days with the advanced technology several new treadmills have emerged that offer similar results like you acquire from daily walking. No matter whatever your regular speed is, these treadmills can move at that particular speed and help you enjoy a great workout session.

The latest Welcare Wc2266 Motorized Treadmill has all the features that are required by the users. With a powerful 1.5HP motor that can extend the speed range from 8 to 12 km/h, this treadmill tends to become an excellent choice for runners.

It is an excellent inclusion for your home as no longer you need to go to the gym or move out as these motorized treadmills can do everything that you require. It is great when it comes to enhancing the cardiovascular health and burns your excess fat.

With some of the best features included in the treadmill, available at such a low price of between INR 20000 to INR 35000, this can be a great choice for the users with a limited budget. Even when the budget is affordable, you can still expect a great product with a sturdy framework. All you need is to buy and start your daily exercise. If you are already impressed with the abovementioned features, then wait for more to come.

Let us check the product specifications in details:

Product Specifications

This home-based motorized treadmill made with steel is known for its strong framework. It has an immense capability to keep operating for a longer period. The folding ability of these high-end motorized treadmills makes it perfect for using at home. Whether you want to stretch or walk or run, make sure that you buy this fully motorized treadmill available within INR 35000.

Powerful yet Energy Saving Motor

When you are looking for a regular or intense workout, the only thing you need is to look for a motor that has immense power. This treadmill has a power of 1.5HP which goes to a peak of 3HP at the peak level. Hence it is clear that the motor can deliver consistent power which is required for the different types of workout, speed, intervals and endurance training. Moreover, it is designed with the flywheel aids in reducing power consumption. You will get surprised that this treadmill consumes even less than 1unit per hour.

Proper Cushioning

Being designed for runners, there is no doubt that there is always a need for proper cushioning. Since the strides are longer and the stress is more, without a great cushion underneath, it can directly have an impact on your joints. Fortunately, this treadmill deck has multiple layers that ensure proper cushioning and better shock absorption. No matter how long and powerful your strides are, the impact can be easily absorbed by the treadmill.

Wider Running Surface:

If your prime motive is to run at high speed, you need a wider belt. This treadmill comes with a deck measurement of 48” x 17” which is great for the users. At this length, the treadmill can easily accustom different heights and ensure a comfortable workout. Without facing any difficulties, you can easily accomplish the goals. The antistatic belt has a 1.8mm thickness that provides proper grip and feels while running at your desired speed.

Space Saving Design:

Being designed for home use, there is always a need for saving the space. Since not all the residential users have a dedicated room for installing these high-end treadmills, a proper treadmill size is a primary lookout. This Welfare Treadmill has been designed in a way that it can accustom within  2×3’ while it is not operating.

All you need is to fold the treadmill and keep it as it is. This makes your room look spacious and again when required during a workout can be easily unfolded.


With the fixed crown shaped rollers being integrated into the treadmill, this machine ensures smooth workout. Its seal bearings provide keeping the treadmill condition fine and work seamlessly.

Great LCD Display:

The treadmill comes with a huge blue backlight display which can easily track the speed, distance, hand pulse, time, body fat and calories. With this, you can seamlessly keep a track on the daily progress. This becomes an inspiration for users as they can witness the drop in their weight, the calories getting burnt and body fat getting lesser with days.

12 Pre-Set Programs:

The treadmill has 12 inbuilt pre-set programs in it that ensure accomplishing your daily goals. These pre-set programs can help in reducing body fat and achieve your daily goals. Even if you don’t have a personal trainer, these programs can definitely help to accomplish your fitness goals. Help to enhance the health, cardiovascular fitness along with burn fats.

Pulse Grip Monitoring:

Maintain and monitor the heart rate. The pulse rate monitoring ability helps to keep a track on the heart rate while exercising efficiently and correctly. When you find more heart rate, you can stay ensured that your body is burning more fat. This becomes great to understand if your heart rate is healthy along with taking immediate action in case of any inappropriate things observed.

Main Frame:

This particular treadmill is made of heavy steel. Properly painted with three layers ensure anti-corrosion and ensure its durability.

Incline Degrees:

One of the significant advantages of this treadmill is the many incline degrees. It comes with three incline levels and therefore becomes a great choice when it comes to intense workout sessions.


The wheels of these treadmills have wheels at its front thereby allowing people to move this machine with ease. All you have is to tilt the machine and then move it to the desired position for easy storage.

A Brief Look At The Product Specifications:

Motor Power1.5HP which goes to a peak of 3HP at the peak level
Running Surface48” x 17.”
RollersFixed crown shaped rollers
LCD DisplayHuge blue backlight display
Pre-Set Programs 12 Pre-set programs
Incline Three incline levels
PortableYes. Wheels are present at the front.
Main FrameHeavy steel frame with three painting levels for anti-corrosion
Speed AdjustmentsGreat speed adjustments. You can easily be able to adjust from display pad or the hand supports.
Emergency StopYes

What Do We Like

  • 12 Preset Programs: This is amazing as it comes with the amazing 12 preset programs. These programs help in training your body as per the needs. You can easily accomplish your fitness goals with these programs.
  • Great Display: The display is simply great as you can easily view everything happening with your internal system. It’s great enough to see everything and as the great display do not require providing huge concentration.
  • 5Layers of Running Platform: The commendable five layers of running platforms help to get rid of shocks. This offers great stability to the runners. The deck has been meticulously and precisely designed reduce both noise and vibration. Therefore just by installing this treadmill, one can stay assured of acquiring a fantastic experience as a runner.
    The five layers include compression layer, noise absorbing layer, shock absorbing layer, a noise insulation layer and lastly the non-skid layer.
  • Hydraulic Folding: This is great for home use because of its folding abilities. Moreover, due to the integration of the hydraulic system, no more the machine will make noise while folding; you can easily fold the machine with the advanced mechanism.
  • Great Speed Adjustments: As mentioned above it has a high-speed range. The best part is the speed can be easily adjusted. Unlike the other treadmills where you need to provide attention while changing the speed, due to the huge display, you can easily view the speed range and change while running. You can switch from the display pad or the hand supports.
  • Emergency Stop: One of the significant advantages of this treadmill is the emergency stop provided in it. The machine will automatically stop once it detects something different.

What We Don’t Like

  • Mat Gets Rough: Nothing is wrong about this treadmill except the mat gets rough after a few uses. This is the reason why it is recommended to wear sports shoes while running on treadmill mats.


The Welcare Wc2266 Motorized Treadmill is the folding machine that can help to accomplish your fitness goals. You can achieve your fitness goals at your home convenience. With the 12 programs and the three levels of incline degree that works manually, the treadmills tend to become a great inclusion for your fitness regime.

No more you have to move out for running or to the gym, as these treadmills are perfect for weight loss and improve the performance.


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