Fitkit FT097 Steel 1 HP Motorized Treadmill Review

To have good health, you need to take care of your body which in turn helps to make your mind and soul healthy as well. The Fitkit FT097 Motorized Treadmill helps you to maintain the health of your body right at your home.

The Treadmill has stylish looks and perfect functionality to help you make out your muscles and maintain your body fitness. This Treadmill is equipped with a powerful motor, a digital display and a heart rate sensor which helps you to take a note of your physique.


The motor is highly energy-efficient , the continuous motor of 1 HP and the Peak Motor of 1.5 HP, the continuous motor allow you to have a smooth ride and the peak motor gives maximum power which allows them to be used for a longer duration, and the motors also produce less heat with no sound.

Digital Display

The Display of the Treadmill is great in appearance and you don’t need to look at it with extreme concentration. The display provides you with details like heart rate, speed, calories burnt and more. It also showcases the mode of exercise that you have been selected.

It comes with USB port and AUX cable that allows you to listen to the songs along with doing the exercise which in turn helps you feel rejuvenated, less stressed and gives you pleasure.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Treadmill comes with Bluetooth setup that connects your mobile phone with it and it uses an app by name F+. This can also be linked with various fitness devices that keep track of your workout like google fit, Fitbit, Samsung health, etc.

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What Do We like


The best thing about is the company provide you with the installation and cherry on it is the installation provided by Fitkit is free in the country. The installation process takes hardly a week if its a non-metropolitan city and is finished within 2-3 days in a metro city. The service for the customer is provided 24×7. The installation also comes with 12 preset programs

Transportation and adjustability

This does come with adjustable incline which can be done manually and the machine is foldable and the best part is it comes with wheels which give you leniency to shift it from one place to the other easily.

What We Don’t Like

Weight Capacity

The maximum amount of load the fitkit treadmill can carry is only 90 which made it impossible for people having weight above it to use it to help them start with the exercise and also because the impact weight while running is more so you should be buying a machine which can take more than 20 kg of your current weight.

Services and size

The assembling issue comes into play because it takes time to reach which can lead to a gap in your daily fitness schedule and the size of the Treadmill is small which makes it difficult for few people to run through it.

Running Belt

The belt is of high quality but it worsens with use and becomes rough so it’s suggested to use only sports shoes to run through it


The Treadmill is best in quality with amazing control, speed, and indulged shock absorbers. The quality and efficiency of the machine have been checked and approved by the fitness experts and it is appreciated for its features which give it a clear view to be bought.

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Hari Priya

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